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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Crochet Luggage Tag 1

LUGGAGE TAG-Pattern from Grace
Size G or H crochet hook
1. Ch 5. Join.
2. (Sc in ring, ch 3) 6 times. Join.
3. Ch 3*, 7 dc in lst loop. (8 dc in ch 3 loop) 5 times. Join.
4. Ch 3*, dc in first st. 2 dc in next st and continue around. Join.
5. With contrast color, sc, ch 2 in every space or dc around. Join.
6. For string--Ch 60, then go backwards and sl st in every ch. Thread this string through 6 holes in above.
* Counted as first dc.

Tie this to your bag and when all the other black bags come rolling off the baggage claim belt, yours will call out to you and away you go!

I want to make this in nicer colors but I'm trying not to add to my stash right now. I am not much of a crocheter so this is my first one. Grace's are much prettier.


PJ in NH said...

Love your luggage identifier flower! I'm making two for my travels next month! I think you should post it at if you haven't already! (it's free to join)

Acornbud said...

Thanks pj. I use mine all the time when I travel.