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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Shetland Triangle

Barbara Walker says the fir cone pattern is prone to pucker, and puckers I have! The yarn is Alpaca, Alpaquita Superfina, "Finest Quality Andean Yarn", 100% alpaca from Peru given to me by my sister. There is no information about this yarn's weight, but I would guess fingering. This yarn has had many trials but I think it's found its groove in the Shetland Triangle. The pattern starts with a little 2 stitch garter st, and is growing by the fir cone! It's taking longer and longer to finish a row. In the meantime, Totoro and friends decided to rehearse their version of Mirrormask on the cushy, but somewhat hairy surface.

I know one type of yarn I'm going to search for on my trip...lace weight yarn in a cheery color! I think I was going through some sort of Stevie Nicks black lace phase when I bought that black Zephyr.

I hope Alpaca blocks or I'm in big trouble.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

As the Sun Sinks Slowly in the West

Everytime I hear someone say "as the sun sinks slowly in the West", I flash on an old cartoon, no doubt a Looney Toon, and chuckle. I was getting all smug about being the most West, but realized I live on a globe and west-ness in all relative. The more I think about that, the dizzier I get, so I'm going to cut it out now.

I attempted to translate Pink into English so I could knit the socks up in the much abused and crunchy blue Wildefoote. I managed the pattern but will just have to wing the gusset and toe.

Chris , enabler that she is, has talked me into starting Shetland Triangle, and so far I haven't thrown this lace probject down in disgust. Her pink Jaggerspun Zephyr example was so lovely, I couldn't help it. The little Fir Cones pucker up, so I hope my alpaca version blocks out as nice.

That makes 4 projects on the needles, a new record for this former serial knitter!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trudging Along through August

Here is another Fat Bottom Bag, in blue, with a sunflower. I'm not sure if I'll keep the sunflower or try some other decoration. I used to get obsessed with certain projects and make piles of them...there was the book cover stage, the rabbit stage, the baby quilt stage, the bean bag stage, the pin cushion stage and so forth. Luckily my kids were in school during the book cover stage as I was able to use them for teacher gifts. Now I have two Fat Bottom Bags and I am content with just the two. I don't feel driven to make any more. Maybe it's my age, or maybe it's the doldrums of summer, but I not driven to do much of anything other then dream about what flavor Ben and Jerry's I want to try next. Okay who am I trying to kid, I only get Cherry Garcia.

But then it could be this green monster that I'm working on. It's the lovely green Jaeger Trinity from SomebunnysLove. It's just a scarf, with the Vine Lace pattern and garter stitch edge. I love the yarn and its silky smell. The lace is a one row repeat, but I have had to frog it back so many times. I'm afraid I have developed a psychological syndrome that prevents me from knitting lace. It started with the black Zephyr and was compounded by knitting in dim light at Mocha Java with not pointy enough needles. Could it be the darn floaters or yikes! Is it a cataract? See? I'm on the verge... I'm going to finish this scarf if it kills me! Then on to Cherry IF I can decide on a yarn.

I am posting this picture of my brown orchids in honor of Project Spectrum neutral month as the he Quivit cries out for lace, so I'm not sure it will happen this month.
Why does blogger flip my picture? Please rotate your head left 90 degrees.

It just dawned on me that I'm on vacation most of September. No wonder I can't get going on much!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wyvern in Lemongrass

Pattern: Wyvern by Marnie Maclean
Yarn: Socks that Rock, lemongrass, medium weight on size 1s
Technique: two, toe up, magic loop, finished on 5 Knit Picks DPs.
Comment: The back and sole are 2x2 rib which snugs up the sock. I think size two needles would have worked better for me. The socks fit but I have to work a bit to get them around the heel. The yarn is great.

Pattern: Hammered Wire Earrings, by Steve James. Online project from Beadstyle
Materials: sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.
Comments: I love hammering wire and I got to use my fused rings to attach all the dangles. Fusing involes a creme brulee torch and "pure" silver wire. Pure silver will fuse without requiring "pickling" and solder, which sounds way too dangerous to me.(Pot made by my Uncle Victor)

So now what? Do I work on Rogue? I can't decide on a pattern to use my Quivit with for Neutral Project Spectrum. I'm on a yarn diet but have a lot of cotton yarn I am thinking about dyeing. My second Fat bottom bag is drying. Time to dig through the stash to see if anything grabs me, or sit in the closet and scan the books and mags for inspiration, or hey, go outside, cuz its one of those "lucky live Hawaii" kind of days, and of course there is always housecleaning to do, ho hum or studying for next years recertification exam. I am soo not into that!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pay It Forward

The mail guy came to the door with a nice surprise from Kimberly . Incuded were some cute happy penquins and a great card explaining the whole Pay It Forward movement started by Mama-E

There were also two skeins of Jaeger Trinity in a light green, and some cute cards and magnet proclaiming "Love Makes the World Go Round".

Thank you Kimberly for picking me:) You made my day!

Now the challenge is on for me to Pay It Forward.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fetching Klaralund

Here is Klaralund . It was a fun knit in Noro, color 244. It is too hot here to wear it. Truth is it's a bit snug on me. Perhaps I should have blocked it before sewing it together. That would definitely be more doable them me getting smaller, although I haven't totally given up that idea yet. Could happen!

Here also is Fetching in Cascade Heathers. I got this yarn for purple month, and was going to make a one skein wonder, but think these definitely were a better choice for that yarn. I have quite a bit left, too. It is a bit tricky to take a picture of both hands! This is a very cool pattern...the thumbs and picot cast-off, especially. The cable cast-on was tedious, imo, but mercifully short.

And, last but not least, here is the back side of Diamond Head today. It's a little tiny, but I liked the clouds.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fat Bottom Bag, FO

Fat Bottom Bag from Stitch and Bitch, The Happy Hooker, by Debbie Stoller

Yarn: stash, Bernat Gloucester cotton
Handles: plastic bamboo look rings
Decor: silk ribbon flowers

This was a very fast project and I love how it turned out. When loaded up with my big fat wallet (fat with all those store cards, heh, not $$) it hangs down. Sarah from Aloha Knitters who got me obsessing on this bag mentioned that a lining would be a good thing as small objects and needles can fall through the crochet.

Hmm, I got me some blue Gloucester cotton left over too!