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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Retail Therapy Rewards

I thought Baby Eleanor would be done by now and I'd have pictures, but I found another ball of yarn so she grows a little more! I managed to finish one Child's First Sock from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. It's a pretty pattern and I love the blue.
Today I had an appointment in Kailua so I thought I would stop by the Kailua Starbucks and perhaps find some knitters. Never mind that it's the wrong day, and I don't even know if it's the right Starbucks. I figured if I channeled energy, moon and crew would be knitting there. Hah, jokes on me! I knit alone! But, I did manage to cast on for the second sock.
Next door is Ben Franklin, and I decided to do some retail therapy there.

I picked up the Cascade 220 book, the Clover pompom maker and a few odds and ends. I was rewarded by purchasing over a certain amount thus qualifing for 20% off! In addition, when I got home, the mail man had brought me one of my Amazon books, E. Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop. I have been obsessing over Ganomy Hat from EZ's Knitting Almanac. It's ordered too, but didn't come today.

I bumped into Kim at Safeway on Sunday. We apparently simultaneously felt the need to cook. I baked chocolate chip cookies ala Farmgirl Fare

This recipe has no baking soda or powder. The cookies are soft and yummy.

I also made chicken soup, carrot cake and carrot soup (from the Moosewood Cookbook). The carrot soup has a touch of fresh ginger and garlic in it. I also added chopped parsley which is abundant right now in dad's garden and a dollop of yogurt. Remind me next time not to buy carrots at Costco! What with all the carrot cooking the bag is still full! What was I thinking?

Anyone have any carrot recipes to share?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Laid Back Saturday

It seems like I've been working on Baby Eleanor forever. I really am enjoying it. I never thought I would like entrelac as my books always showed each triangle on a separate needle and that just seemed like too much for me.
I like the blue and I'm even starting to like the mustard.
I have saved yarn for the fringe, but I'm not sure I'll do the fringe. It just seems like an accident waiting to happen. When I reached the half century mark, I suddenly became a klutz.
I plan to knit this baby until I run out of yarn, and I'm almost there! Just in time for summer, hah!

That is Child's first sock number 1 in navy Koigu popping out of Mr. Sockfish. I have turned the heel and am inching towards the toe. Oh Koigu, how I love thee! The Knitpick DPs are working really well for me.

These brown orchids have popped out all over my patio. They have a nice scent and last awhile.

Feral Knitter has knit up the most wonderful Fair isle sweater. Not only that, she designed it!. It just boggles my mind!! She calls it Acorn Sweater:) (No relation to me)

I fished some Pingouin Bouclette out of my really old stash (cotton/acrylic) and tried a little bit of Lotus Blossum tank. This yarn has no stretch and just seems lifeless. I'm just not the Bouclette type, I guess. So far I have not been able to connect with it and I have a pile of it. Back it goes, heh. I can't make that many Totoros! Or can I?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

While knitting Baby Eleanor...

Chris and Angela surprised me with some more gifts. Chris must think I'm brainy as she gave me the "mensa" sudoku book. I had to cheat doing the beginning book so I'll be lucky to finish one of these. It will be fun trying. The lace weight yarn no doubt will languish in the stash for awhile until I get up my nerve to tackle another lace project. It is a very tempting color, hmmm. The vintage pin is very dressy and I already got some compliments wearing it to work. Thank you ladies:) I made my niece a couple fused rings on a chain.

My niece and her husband visited from Iowa City. I just happened to be on vacation so we walked Hoomaluhia, Waikiki and went to the Bishop Museum. One exhibit was about how the Polynesians have ties to the Chinese of 7000 years ago. The planetarium show was about the Hokulea. The Polynesian Voyaging Society traverses the vast Pacific using the stars and waves. I got a little better understanding of the constellations. It's mind boggling that people in a canoe found Hawaii. If you miss it, it would be 2400 miles to the next closest land mass!

Hoomaluhia was very beautiful. The huge Panama Flame flower was in bloom and the ducks were lined up for their lunch.

Here he is, my nephew-inlaw, the Duck Whisperer!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunshine Watermelon Easter Bunny

Pattern: fuzzymitten Easter Bunny. Twisted rib pullover-just winged it
Yarn: Rowans Cashoff for bunny, Sunshine yarn in watermelon

Instructions are easy to follow. I wish it was in the round since my seaming leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure why his arms are in the "surfing" position". I think it's because of the way I knit on the sleeves.

Having grown up in Nuuanu, I always think of Hawaii as being cool, wet and green. I remember returning from college in Kansas and stepping off the plane into the lush greenery of my valley. No doubt that is why I returned here, right back to where I grew up. My folks built a new house in the back for themselves, and my dad still tends his garden at 87. My mom has thing about the cardinal in the photo. She thinks it's "her" bird and gets mad when the doves steal her bird's food. Heh. It's a control issue, I think. (click the picture to enlarge)

I found the Project Spectrum bush on my walk around the neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Project Spectrum Totoro

Yarn: Woolarina Handpaint, left over from Ella
Needles: size 2

Acorn pattern from Amy Gaines Etsy Store.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some say this could never happen...a hat that fits!

They Call Them Pirates is a wonderful pattern by Hello Yarn and as a warm up, before going on to such a detailed pattern, Gina's Skull Hat was just the ticket. I believe the yarn is Cascade 220. I messed up the first part of the pattern, but as it is uniform it just looks like a "design element", heh. Thanks,Gina for sharing the pattern and Dipsy Doodle for leading me to it:)

Klaralund has been sacrificed for Baby Eleanor. I loved knitting Klaralund, but the Michelin tire-look was not my favorite. I was talked into Lady Eleanor by blogless Michelle and after a sputtering start have embraced this fun entrelac project from Pam Allen's Scarf Style The Noro Silk Garden color changes are still thrilling!
Blogless Michelle also gifted me with some Ganpi abaka tape and some pretty Zero Markers.
I also received some vintage beads and lavender sachets from Kim. They will make great stitch markers!
I feel so blessed to have met these wonderful, witty, and talented generous women.