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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Random Stashbusting

Mostly Handspun Woven Scarf

Pattern:  Inspired by Deborah Jarchow's class Rigid Heddle Weaving:  Beyond the Basics.  I took both the Craftsy class and the in person class at Stitches MidWest.   Also inspired by urbangyz tutorial which she kindly shares for free:)
Loom:  Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom.  Simple weave stitch.  8 dent reed.

This was a lot of fun.  I paid only a little attention to colors and what to use next.  I love making the bobbles pop out, but also found they were cool just woven in flat.  I wish I had left a little more length on the beginning side for a long fringe.  I may hem this yet as it has plenty length.  This is a great way to use up the short lengths of wonky handspun.  I used leftover sock yarn and a little eyelash stuff in the warp.

Lap Quilt

Another scrap buster.  The backing is some very nice quality Strawberry Shortcake flannel.  Blogless Stevie gave me a whole bolt of the stuff!  The top is some vintage Hawaiian print squares I got maybe 20 years ago when they were already vintage.  These are just a few I have left.  I found a piece of cotton batting, put on the ole even feed foot and free-handed the diagonals.  I went with gray thread and pink in the bobbin.  I wanted to make this bigger but the contrasting fabrics where all too busy.  No not-in-stash fabric was allowed!

Bitty Bunny

Pattern:  A free Ravelry download:)
Yarn:  handspun fine merino and a bit of angora 
Mods:  none
He is a very cut little bunny and cleverly constructed.  


by Phoeny
Yarn:  Various.  The brown is hand spun.  The leaves are Koigu and Lontue leftover from other 
Comments:  The leaves make you a little crazy, but in the end I love how they turned out.  I needle felted on the eyes and mouth.  Perhaps he came out too happy.   

Undertow Wild Card Bling Batt

Fiber by yarnwench.  ”…merino top,sari silk, soysilk, nylon firestar, Cotswold lamb locks, strips of woven silk with raw edges, silk threads, and lots of silk noil. A handful of beautiful curly Cotswold lamb locks"
Single spun on Serenity, my Majacraft Rose with the Wild Flyer.  This was my first real batt to spin.  It was full of little surprises and way fun to spin.  It is very soft.  Oh what shall it be?  Knit Collage has some fun looking ideas.  

Mom and I made the Memorial Day Rounds to remember uncles, cousin and friends at  Punchbowl, the National Memorial Cemetery of the the Pacific , a solemn and beautiful place.  We take this day to visit Aunt Agnes, my dad and mom's dad as well.  The plumeria were is full bloom and the pink shower trees as well. 

Saturday, May 07, 2016

One Woman Senior Citizen Club

I've found that one dishrag pattern that I can do!  Somehow my knitted ones and crocheted ones were all wonky so I gave up.  Perhaps it took turning into a genuine card-carrying senior citizen that inspired me to do something with all the cotton/cotton blend yarns I've collected or harvested from projects.  I have made many and throw them at all my friends.
Pattern:  Tunisian Crochet Washcloth by Poppy & Bliss (Michelle Robinson) from My Poppet
Hooks:  6mm Tunisian Crochet hook and J crochet hook
Notes:  My ends looked pretty sloppy and my corners wonky.  For me it worked best to just cut each color and join the new one.
Yarns:  Bernat organic cotton, Valley Yarns Goshen, Louise Harding Ondine,
Plymouth Yarn Jeannee Worsted, some vintage stuff, Peaches and cream.

Another quick and easy project was the jar opener.  I have two and have used them for many things besides opening jars.  They help my cutting board not slide and I use one when I have to clamp my apply corer/slicer to the counter top.  I read somewhere they are handy under the sewing machine pedal as well.  These are going to be thrown at the walking group.
Supplies:  shelf liner by Contact.  
Hooks:   I used a size D hook for the first row and changed to a size G.  I found a SC, ch1 around decreased puckering.  
Then there is the potholder.  Well so far two potholders.Pattern:  Delores's Scrap Hotpad
Mods:  For a potholder, I tried a 6 inch square and one layer of padding and 7.5 inch square with one later heat resistant padding with one layer cotton batting.  I like the two layers and larger size.  I did not add a loop since I store my potholders in a hanging bag.

More are sure to follow.  

And last but not least, the hanging bags.  I love to use up scrap yarns and handspun. I have three in the kitchen and one in the bathroom (for TP rolls)

Pattern:  Large Hanging Basket by Bekki Bjarnoll from Bekki Bjarnoll: A Crochet Blog
Notes:  I change the crochet hook depending on the yarns I use.  I have used up to 4 yarns held together.   Adding some eyelash yarn is a nice touch!

I went to a birthday party last night for a friend who just turned 50.  That seems very young to me.  I better start channeling my inner 20-something before reaching permanent old fut stage.  Are there pills?  The vitamins aren't doing it.