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Monday, May 29, 2006

One Skein Project

One Skein is full of cute little projects. I used some varigated cotton from my stash for this little bag and it used way less then one skein. It was fun to make and very fast.

Psychedelic Totoro

Left over self-striping sock yarn Totoro.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cascade Fixation Tabi Socks

Project: Tabi Socks, Size 10
Cascade Fixation: 2.2 balls of apple green
Needles: Size 4 DP
Dimensions from "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch
Elizatbeth Bennett's Perle Sock Program for the general directions
Tabi toes from Kate Atherley's Summer Sock Collection published in Spun Magazine

Not having the feet here to try these on is risky. My dinky 5.5 size feet didn't fill the bill and my sons huge ankles just stretched them out too much. I am counting these for knitpastis's Cascade Fixation Ankle Sock KAL even though size 10 ankles are not that tall...oops;P
I'm counting these toward Summer of Socks KAL, too!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Aloha Knitters

Another picture from the walk around my neighborhood reminds me about the Aloha Knitters.

June 10 is World Wide Knit in Public Day. I read about it on Kai's blog. The Aloha Knitters are planning to meet somewhere in Kapiolani Park. It should be fun!

I hope Chris comes out for it too! The picture reminds me of her, as it is practically in her new back yard:)

An Abundance of Green

My Wisconsin sister is visiting and we took a spin around the neighborhood on a blustery day. This is Nuuanu Stream which I drive over everyday.

I love the staghorn ferns that grow on trees here.

I didn't see a lot of green flowers for Project Spectrum green, just yellow ones with hints of green. BTW, there is green knitting going on. Tabi socks in apple green Cascade Fixation for my size 10 friend. I am debating on whether the leg is too long :(

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Real or Memorex?

I walked in to Shirokiya one day and some ladies were doing a make and take for Deco Clay, a paper clay, as I understand. I couldn't resist and in just one session, with a lot of help produced a gardenia. It is gardenia season around here.

My friend with the emboidery machine made towels for my Dallas Cowboys fan-friend and also made a star for BunBoy's sweater. He has hair now, and if I can find that elusive ball of twine, some whiskers will complete him. Maybe he needs a banner to carry, too.

I can't seem to get blogger to load this picture correctly. One of my silk ribbon flowers finally found a home on my sisters outfit for the recent family wedding.

knitpastis is inspiring me with her Cascade Fixation socks, so I think that is my next project.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

All About Meh

The end of winter on this side of the globe brought out a lot of ambilvalence around blogland. I finished Bpt and really love the Superwash Cascade, but on a cool morning here (72deg) in the uplands of Nuuanu I can put it on for all of about one minute before breaking out in a hot flash.

I had already given up on the Pacific Northwest lace, and rolled the Zephyr up into one giant ball.

Then,I missed a teleconference at work because I mistook PST for Hawaii Time. I make this mistake a lot, I mean, Hawaii is in the Pacific so why does Hawaii have it's own time? I was very lonely in that conference room and the help desk did not enlighten me on the fact that the meeting was already over.

Then I missed a personal appointment. Just totally blew that one.

And then the Cascade Leaves socks acted up. The first one flew by and I loved the pattern, the springy green Koigu, the 5 inch DPs in size 2 (even though I knew size 1 would be better). I got almost to the toe on sock number 2 when I discover I missed one pattern repeat before starting the gusset. So like a good knitter, I frogged back to the spot and knit back, measuring and counting as I went and finished up the pair. I stood back to admire my work, tried them on and carressed them lovingly. It wasn't until I tried them on the second time I noticed that the patterns still do not match up. Sigh. They will be house socks. I love the green anyway.

I was forced to shop. I finally checked out a bright and cheery Aloha Yarns, a lys near where I work. I squeezed the Merino Stripes Moon is making shrugs out of. In honor of Project Spectrum, I added some green Cascade Fixation for summer socks.

I also got Ann Norling's Spiral Rib Hat pattern.

And, I got up and danced anyway at my cousins wedding.

And I had breakfast with my two sisters visiting from Colorado and Wisconsin with our mother and families.

But of course, tomorrow is Monday....again...meh!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Beginnings, Middles and Endings

I leaned to knit at age 6 from Tubly. She was from Switzerland and I never knew her real name was Tauba until I read it in the paper when she passed on to the Biggest and Best Lys. She married a local boy from Hawaii who went overseas for WW2 and lucky for us Hawaiians, she moved to Hawaii and taught knitting, "the German way" at the Richard Street YWCA. I don't remember the year this picture of me was in the paper, but it describes me as "advance knitter", knitting the sweater for my grandmother. It turned out to be my first but not last UFO. It also says I am knitting one for my brother but, I don't have one. Reporting hasn't change, eh?

Anyway, back to Tubly...she had the patience of a Buddha. Our first project was a doll cardigan, complete with button band and set in sleeves. I remember getting a row of stitches twisted and knitting and reknitting them so frustrated that they still were twisted. She fixed it for me and I know what a twisted stitch is now:) The sweater forever had a row of darkened stitches from my sweaty little hands.

Thank you, thank you, Tubly for teaching me something that will last my lifetime!

Fashion alert: I'd like everyone to believe those glasses with the wings were all the rage back then, heh, and maybe they were like the wings on the cars, but a tomboy like me never paid much attention to fashion.

Mr. Bunny was not done in time for Easter as planned. At least he has his topdown raglan, his tail, a mouth and a nose. He needs some hair and the Dallas Cowboy star yet. I wish his ears were a little more rabbit-like He is holding my Project Spectrum socks, Cascading Leaves , in Koigu Emerald Green. I love the slight varegations in the yarn. I'm thinking I will regret going with the 2s instead of the 1s, though.

My zipper finally came and it matches perfectly. It went in without a hitch:) BPT is finished just in time for summer in Hawaii, hahaha.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

The Postman brought me the cutest Shroom, from the multi-talented Stacey at Simple Joys stuffed with colorul and tasty candies. Totoro was most amazed and joyful! Small Totoro jumped right in to try Shroom on for size and it fit perfectly. The lid buttons shut and is the perfect place for shy ones to hide.

She crocheted shroom from this pattern from Crochet Me Magazine. I love the red and white.

Thank you, thank you, Stacey!

Check out Stacey's Etsy Shop for her other cool items.