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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Knitting FOS, Shawl Pins

Details on Ravelry

Tutorial for Shawl pins by Abby Hook, Etsy purchase.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

In a Galaxy Far Away

1977 was the year of the first Star Wars film, a film like no other.  It was exciting, it was memorable and it embedded many wonderful characters in my psyche.  The second series came out in 1999 and was somehow a bit disappointing. One of the most hated characters, Jar Jar Binks, was born.  In retrospect, it was a very dark tale, the turning of the chosen one, a sweet love destroyed....

I was surprised I did not own the DVDs so I remedied that this Christmas and marathon-ed them in order.  As part of the whole story, I found Jar Jar, less jarring and the tale of the first three so sad and dark.  I really did see the good that was still in Darth Vader.  The ending of the new disk 6 added some more scenes of the galaxy celebrating the return of the Jedi.  I'm not sure that added anything, but Hayden Christensen replaced the original "ghost" in the ending so I am glad of that.

I loved the new movie.  It was great to see many of my old firends.  So many questions, which I won't discuss here, just in case there is someone out there who hasn't seen it.  Go see it.  It has much the energy of episode 4 and I can't wait for 8 and 9!

I named my stash quilt "In a Galaxy Far Away"

Pattern:  Indigo Weave by McCall designed by Debbie Outlaw
Quilting:  Machine quilted by Barbara Alama, Alama Designs
Fabrics from stash except for binding.  I wanted red binding, but the yellowcheeseduck wanted green.  I can't see any shade of green matching so settled on aqua.  Finished 73x55 inches.  One of the bigger quilts I have done.  

Thursday, December 24, 2015