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Sunday, November 25, 2007

While Knitting Must Have...

1. The hats got modeled. Baby hats are so much fun to knit and even more fun to see on.
(click to make the picture bigger)
Black Orange and White, fisherman's rib in Big Wool.
Cascade 220 Pumpkin Hat.
Modeled by Marcus and Adam, photos by their talented dad. Marcus is such a big boy now and so curious about everything. I love the way Lou caught the colors of autumn.

2. I pondered what to do with starfruit. They smell good, they look so interesting, but what the heck does one do with them other then float them in the punch bowl?

My sister's answer: Photograph them, heh.

3 Mess with the Thanksgiving photos. In this photo, light is streaming to the windward side of the Pali Lookout. The story goes that the King of Oahu was pushed over that cliff (from the townside) by King Kamehameha when he conquered Oahu and united all the islands under one kindgom.

Monday, November 19, 2007

shh! wip

i'm whispering about this one, must have cardigan from street smart, in peacock, paton's classic merino wool. yarn is being swapped for cash from the original knitted brow. The pattern has a cool 3 stitch wrapped cable.

The skulls are a belated birthday present for the knittybird. I got the beads on my trip to Chicago, but they only had 3 :(

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pride Goeth before a Fall

River Grass Gansey is a lofty project and really want to knit it. I don't like to commit to projects on the's one of my idiosyncrasies. And here's why. Cast on 272, join for knitting in the round, MAKING SURE NOT TO TWIST THE STITCHES. I knit merrily along, never noticing my lovely mobius until I had enough to measure. See? Bachi! (Japanese for curse) It makes me want to knit a cardigan. And really I'm still not sure it's the right pattern for the yarn. It is rolled up nicely in a little yarn cake now until it speaks to me again. The gansey is still calling to me, but the yarn keeps whispering "lace". Yikes, I hope not.

So I made some earrings and a hello kitty key chain, working on the bead stash.

I've signed up for a couple classes at the Madrona Fiber Festival. The classes really went fast so no FairIsle beginning class for me. Instead I will be dyeing with persimmons. Also no Yarn Harlot. Oh well. Just being in the same town will be enough:)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unshaped Shrug link

I found the link to the shrug pattern. It is Unshaped Shrug by KnitontheNet(Just call me Ruby)

I cast on for River Grass Gansey from Jamiesons's Shetland Knitting Book 2 in a very dark blue Rowanspun DK. The self talk has begun. I knit a swatch once and in the fudgy way I do things cast on with a larger needle in a smaller size. The dark hides all the details, but hey, a good soak will fix that. And, the needle size is rather large, and it looks a bit holey, but hey, a good soak will fix that. and of course I have no idea how large around it really is, but being an "apple" I hate ribbing that binds. And I decided it will take more then an inch to decide.

I want this yarn for myself greedy me. And I want cables. Even if I can't see them, I know they are there:)

I am always thankful these orchids thrive in spite of my disgraceful neglect of my patio.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Koigu the Cat Ate Comes Back

But, first, the computer WIP.

So far the 6 fans and the black wiring has been quite exciting and the blue lights are very soothing. The slow process is adding back all my favorite proggies, learning the differences between Win2K and XP, and trying to find all the passwords...This is big sucker that actually seems to cool the room instead of heat it up. And surprise no A drive so I had to get the kid to rescue my DJ doodler fonts. I'm so happy to be back online. So many blogs, so little time!

The reknit of the Koigu socks the Cat Ate is finally done. I used the beaded rib on 54 stitches, and they fit me fine, but I wonder if they will fit my niece. Sigh. Does anyone know if the Bitter Apple Cat Repellant works?

I succumbed to these two books as I'm on a quest to find my next sweater project. I have enough yarn for a vest but I'm really fighting the urge to buy more Beaverslide, and I fondled some Plymouth Royal Llama Silk that makes me want to whip that credit card out.

I knit up the Malabrigo pink shrug using a free pattern I found on the Web right before the crash, and I can't find it again to provide a link and credit to the author. I'll keep looking. I didn't make a copy as it was a rectangle with ribbing on both ends. The ribbing on the long edges was picked up and knitted and on both ends is part of the armhole. The two balls of yarn were quite different in the saturation of the dye. The bulky weight was a pleasure to knit and of course it is a cushy as can be. So the bad news is I look ridiculous in the bulky pink shrug, and although I will wear it in the am on these cool Hawaiian fall and winter days, I will not subject the public to pictures of me modelling it!