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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knit a Carrot

What to do with the orange handspun? There be pumpkins, now there be carrots! What else is orange?

pattern updated 8/27/2010.

Carrot color hand spun, about a worsted weight
Green yarn for carrot top

Needles: DP, set of 4, size 3

CO 3 stitches (use the loop method). Knit one row like an i-cord. (Do not turn your work. Slide the stitches from left to right, bring the yarn behind, and knit across starting with the first CO stitch)

Knit second row like an i-cord and start to divide onto 3 needles. Needle 1: Knit 1, YO. Repeat for needle 2 and 3. (6 stitches) (I like to knit the tail into this row and bring it to the front to mark the beginning of the round)

From here on knit in the round.

knit 2 rows. Knit YO through the back when you come to them.

(K1, YO, K1) around. (3 st. on each needle) Knit 3 rows. (knit the YO through the back) (9 stitches)

(K1, YO, K2) around. (4 stitches on each needle) Knit 4 rows. (knit the YO through the back) (12 stitches

(K2, YO, K2) around. (5 stitches on each needle) Knit 5 rows. (knit the YO through the back). (15 stitches)

(K1, YO, K4) around (6 stitches on each needles) Knit 6 rows. (knit the YO through the back). (18 stitches)

This makes a med carrot.

*Keep knitting for a a larger one: When you have even number of stitches place one YO in the middle. When there is an odd number, place the YO after the first stitch. Knit the same number of rows even as you have on each needle, remembering to knit the YO through the back to close up the hole.

Continuing on for the med. carrot:

Decrease for the top. (starting with 18 stitches)
(SSK, K2, K2tog) around. (12 stitches)
(SSK, K2tog) around. (6 stitches) Cut yarn leaving 10 inch tail.

Thread tail through stitches and leave loose. Stuff carrot firmly or as desired leaving about 1/2-3/4 inch at top.

Make carrot top by winding green yarn around hand 5-6 times. Tie overhand knot in the middle then push into top of carrot. Add a little bit of stuffing and pull up tail tightly. Thread through the top of carrot and the knot to anchor the top, then weave in all ends. The top can easily be made a big or full as you like:) by making bigger loops.

*for larger carrots, add more decreases over 2-3 rows


beadlizard said...

Those are wonderful! I especially like the tops.

DD saw a Totoro exhibit at the comic museum in SF yesterday and loved it.

Pat said...

you are on a vegetable knitting roll.....I love the carrots!

nova said...

Very cute, and if you put shakery stuff inside they make fun rattles!

Opal said...

Too precious!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

LUV that pattern. I think Virgil needs one. (Goes to find orange yarn...) =:8

blogless michelle said...

botanically accurate or not, i don't care! i adore your carrots! will have to queue these for a time when i once again have the urge (and time) to knit...mahalo for the pattern.

Natalie Wyatt said...

Very cute! My friend collects carrots!

Eglentyne said...

I found your little carrot while looking for chile pepper patterns. I decided that with a little bend and a different color, that little carrot could be transformed into a jalapeño. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. Check my link for my jalapeño blog post. :)