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Friday, April 19, 2013

Stuff is Happening!

I found this fun, fast way to use up beads and can't stop making these. At one time I avoided memory wire like the plague, but now...

I used chalcedony, ruby zosite, Swarovski crystals, labadorite and red coral.  These fit all sizes, are relatively inexpensive to make and fast fast fast!  Thank you Bella Beads for the idea!

 I watched Sarah Anderson's video over and over to learn Navajo Plying. She looks so relaxed doing it! The final result after a bit of practice wasn't too bad. I found out that the singles need to rest for over a week so I don't get little curly "art" yarn sections.

The final project was a pair of socks.
Verdant Socks
Fiber: Rambouillet fiber. Split in half the long way, from Widdershin Wookworks
Pattern: Amy Swenson's toe-Up sock generator
Needles: size 2 DPN Mods: I knit to 1.5 inches of my foot length before doing the heel turn.                Comments: My fabric was pretty tight so it was a strenuous knit. I must have reversed one the balls when I wound them, thus the "fraternal twins".

I've tried a few other ideas found on the web.
 Hemming a tablecloth

 I found this fabric that is 60 inches wide for $3.99/yd but really dreaded the hemming part (actually the ironing of the hem).Here's a link to the idead, but basically you sew a 1/2 inch from the edge all around, then fold on the sewn line and over one more time. Then from the right side, sew 3/8 inch from the folded edge all around. No measuring, very little pinning and no ironing! I like it!

Spindle storage
or spindle noodle Not sure of the link for this one, so will come back later and post it.
Blogless Sandy seems to have an endless supply of this cookie cans. Wood and tin, don't sound safe together, so the foam noodle was the perfect solution. I made a little hat for the spindle so the top is also buffered.

Now this idea, the Ohitsu Yarn Bowl, I thought of. Okay well, I was inspired by many of the beautiful wood yarn bowls out there. My Ohitsu is not an old wooden one, but one of the newer plastic ones. Since I have a rice cooker that also has a warmer, I rarely use it for serving rice. It a nice yarn bowl. (update, Knitting Paradise had a discussion about using the ohitsu for a yarn bowl)


The Lauhala class went out to gather Lauhala, to experience the beginning step. It involves gathering, cleaning, thorn removal, rolling and flattening, and storage. This part was hard work! I bought a kit, lol.

My second hat is on hold while I take the Natural Vat Dyeing Class.

My first attempt at reds with cochineal and madder were a bust. I just got shades of pink. They are pleasant enough. I did a little indigo shibori on top for fun. Next week will be yellows.

On the work scene, in a moment of weakness in which I forgot to say "let me think about it. I'll get back to you", I agreed to work at a different location for 6 weeks. My same two day a week schedule. Last time I worked there it was horrible. I'm happy to say things have improved greatly so I survived the first week, no problem except for the usual computer glitch. In this case my auto correct macros went berserk and started making up words. I had to turn that sucker off and now I have to type long phrases that I used to be able to type short cuts for. I hope by Monday the darn thing fixes itself.

Get ready for eye candy:) Green Dreams. Navajo Spindle by Rooster" Rick Jackofsky on Etsy. I have some churro batts in the mail to try and teach myself this. 

And here's Edward, my Bosworth Midi, spinning cotton grown in Ewa Beach, Hawaii!

Monday, April 01, 2013

And the Winner is....

kbrow! Thanks to everyone who left a comment and stopping by the ole blog

I started blogging 4/01/2005.  It was movies, rants and whines.  After I retired and got divorced I had much less to rant and whine about, so now it crafts, musings and food.  I find myself spending more time on Ravelry, Facebook and Flickr these days, and many of the blogs I followed in the past have gone quiet. I post most of my fibery stuff to Ravelry, my food to FB and travels to Flickr. 

It's sure a phenomenal place, this World Wide Web! 

Here's my first post ever:

"I admire the knitting blogs I have visited and decided to try my hand at it. I also feel the need to see my thoughts on the Internet just to see how it feels.

I just realized it's April Fool's Day."

Chatty as every, lol.  As a tool for self-therapy, the blog has be great for me.  It is cheaper then seeing a therapist.  The answers lie within, it seems...master of my fate and captain of my soul.