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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marietta's Flap Hat, Pattern

Marietta’s Flap Hat (Draft)
Please left me know if you spot any errors.  Thanks!

My first try was done in Red Heart which is more of an aran weight.  I reworked the pattern  in Cascade 220 and Knit Picks Swish.  I also tried out some safety eyes.  I had to cut the backs off the eyes because she said they stuck her in the head and made unsightly bumps.  I also did the band in stockinette stitch instead of 1x1 rib.  The ears were shortened and knit flat.   I used a size G hook, which was a little loose.

I credit Sharuya at Go Dolls for her cute Totoro style hat.  Her dolls are Blythe or smaller, and her hat's are just adorable.  My Marietta's head is quite a bit bigger at 12 inches.  
Knit in the round. 
Increase used interchangeably with Kf&b or Pf&b
Decrease.  K or P 2tog, SSK
Single crochet
Yarn:  worsted, Gauge about 5 stitches/inch and 7 rows/inch.  I tend to knit on the tight side.
Needles size  7
Crochet hook F

Earflaps, knit flat.
With white, CO 4 stitches.  Turn at end of every row.
P one row.
K next row increasing one stitch on each end. (6)
P one row.
K next row increasing one stitch on each end. (8)
P next row increasing one stitch on each end. (10)
K one row. Cut yarn. This end is woven in at the end
Place on holder.
Make second earflap but do not place on holder. 
Backward CO 16 stitches.  With right (knit) side facing, knit the first earflap back on to needle.
Continue back in forth in stockinette stitch starting with purl row for 4 rows.  End on right side.
Backward CO 24 stitches. (60 stitches total)  Join to knit in the round. Place marker to mark beginning.
Continue stockinette stitch for 5 more rows. The front band is a little shy of 1 inch. Cut thread leaving short end to weave in.  Change to gray and stockinette stitch. (Knit every row in the round)
Work 7 rows of knit (one inch)
Begin crown decreases.
(K8, K2tog) around (54)
Knit one row.
(K7, K2tog) around (48)
Knit one row.
(K6, K2tog) around (42)
(K5, K2tog) around (36)
(K4, K2tog) around (30)
(K3, K2tog) around (24)
(K2, K2tog) around (18)
(K1, K2tog) around (12)
(K2tog) around (6)
K1,k2tog,k1,k2tog (4)
Cut thread leaving 6 inch tail.  Thread through stitches and pull up tight.  Push to wrong side and weave in end.
Single crochet around edge, crocheting in tails as you go.  When you go around the botton of the flaps add extra single crochet in corner knit stitches to go around the corners.   Add braids to earflaps and pompoms or dust mites as desired.  (I used 6 strands about 30 inches long for each braid, doubled)

Make two and sew in place.  I knit these flat.  They can as well be knit in the round.  It is fiddly but avoids purling.
CO 8 stitches. 
P1 one row.
K3, Kf&b, K3. Kf&b. (10)
P one row, knit one row, purl one row.
Kf&b, K4, Kf&b, K4 (12)
P one row, knit one row, purl one row.
SSK, K4, SSK, K4 (10)
P2tog, p3, P2tog, p3 (8)
SSK, K2, SSK, K2 (6)
P2tog, p1, P2tog, p1 (4)
K2tog, K2tog.
Break yarn leaving 12 inch tail and thread through.  Pull up and weave in ends.  Stuff lightly if desired.  Sew on ears about 5 stitches from top.  Embroider whiskers, chest markings.  Add eyes of choice.

 Heart in Flight has a nice tutorial on crocheting eyes.

Marietta is also sporting her new jean skirt.  The elastic waistband came out better, and I added the lace and a bit of length.


Raine Crowe said...

Hi. This is rsjeana44 from Ravelry. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I tried making it before Christmas, and used yarn that was too large. It looked like it would fit a baby lol. Needless to say, I frogged it. Now I want to knit it, and I have the right yarn/needles. I have a question regarding the ears. After CO 8, your next instruction is P1 round. Do you mean to purl the 1st row? Thank you. =)

Acornbud said...

Thanks for trying out the pattern! Yes, that should read Purl one row.