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Sunday, May 14, 2006

All About Meh

The end of winter on this side of the globe brought out a lot of ambilvalence around blogland. I finished Bpt and really love the Superwash Cascade, but on a cool morning here (72deg) in the uplands of Nuuanu I can put it on for all of about one minute before breaking out in a hot flash.

I had already given up on the Pacific Northwest lace, and rolled the Zephyr up into one giant ball.

Then,I missed a teleconference at work because I mistook PST for Hawaii Time. I make this mistake a lot, I mean, Hawaii is in the Pacific so why does Hawaii have it's own time? I was very lonely in that conference room and the help desk did not enlighten me on the fact that the meeting was already over.

Then I missed a personal appointment. Just totally blew that one.

And then the Cascade Leaves socks acted up. The first one flew by and I loved the pattern, the springy green Koigu, the 5 inch DPs in size 2 (even though I knew size 1 would be better). I got almost to the toe on sock number 2 when I discover I missed one pattern repeat before starting the gusset. So like a good knitter, I frogged back to the spot and knit back, measuring and counting as I went and finished up the pair. I stood back to admire my work, tried them on and carressed them lovingly. It wasn't until I tried them on the second time I noticed that the patterns still do not match up. Sigh. They will be house socks. I love the green anyway.

I was forced to shop. I finally checked out a bright and cheery Aloha Yarns, a lys near where I work. I squeezed the Merino Stripes Moon is making shrugs out of. In honor of Project Spectrum, I added some green Cascade Fixation for summer socks.

I also got Ann Norling's Spiral Rib Hat pattern.

And, I got up and danced anyway at my cousins wedding.

And I had breakfast with my two sisters visiting from Colorado and Wisconsin with our mother and families.

But of course, tomorrow is Monday....again...meh!


debbie said...

i love your cascade leaves socks even though they don't match up - the green koigu looks very pretty for that pattern - your lucky feet!

Laura said...

I think those socks look great and I love all the green. :)

Karen said...

I don't see a thing wrong with those socks!!! Wear them out with pride. Your new yarn is beautiful too. Happy Monday.

KnitPastis said...

Hey! Is that the same color of Cascade Fixation green yarn I am knitting with right now? I am so happy to see you bought some! You will love this stuff! I'll bet you will end up buying it in several colors.

keohinani said...

wow, sucky that you missed the conference and appt. i get days like those, and it's worse when i'm so anxious about it that i had nightmares about missing it before i even missed it! gah!
i think your socks look fine. you can't go wrong with koigu! at least i don't think so...i'm tellin' ya, two socks on two circs works wonders! and at least if you mess up, you're more likely to mess up identically on them...i speak from experience, of course. blehhhh...
being forced to shop? hey, that's me yesterday! i was forced to buy a mother's day gift because my mommy's clapotis isn't ready yet. :) and i was forced to buy two new pairs of pants and a cute top because starfish actually accompanied me to the mall. you know, because i can't function without him much less buy clothes without consulting his opinion first. ;P yarn is a totally different story...
take care, barb!

Terby said...

Those are fantastic greens.

Hope the mehs leave you soon - they seem to be making the rounds of blogland. The socks look good from here. Sometimes I think we are our own worst critics.

Lolly said...

The leaf socks are so pretty - and so green! perfect for MAY!

Is Aloha Yarns the one in Kaneohe? I think I went to that one... on the 2nd story? I didn't see Fixation when I was there, but I did buy Fixation from the shop in Honolulu. I think you will like working with it.

Sorry about your "off" day! Hope things are looking up now :)