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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tomato Boot Socks, FO

Project: Boot Socks
Pattern: from 220 Projects for Cascade 220, designed by Mary Lou Egan
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824, color 26
Mods: accidental, forgot the knit row in the rib knit pattern
Size: Made the smallest
Needles: my short size 3, wood DPs

This was a fast quick reprieve from sewing in ends on my Bar Harbor Bag. The Mission Falls was okay to knit with, but a bit splitty. These socks are very nice an cozy for these cool Hawaii mornings and count as a Project Spectrum project (except of course, it doesn't start until Febrary)! I have yet to wash them.

Life seems busy now. My recollection is that I used to get more done in a day. Could it be that sitting on my okole at home in front of the computer reading my bloglines, surfing Ravelry and virtual shopping, or watching my Net flicks are sucking up the time? Or am I just slowing down, period! It's scary thinking I feel "old" now and I may have another 40 more years to go! Yikes!

I ran into the Roosevelt High School Class of 1969 Alumni planning committee at Hiroshi's last night. They all look grown up now, heh. They are planning their next Las Vegas trip. I have yet to go to one reunion. Hmm, maybe it's time. I'll put that on the "What to do after I retire" list.


da twine said...

as long as you've got the travel bug, a trip to the 9th hawaiian island could be good, right? there are some yarn stores to be had there, after all...

so these boot this a hint that you will in fact be wearing them in some boots in the near future? brrr!

mysticalfeet said...

Isn't it fun to knit socks in worsted weight? Is there an "1824 Projects for Mission Falls 1824" kine book out? 'Cause it occurs to me it would be a way better deal than that Cascade 220 book.

Alas, I'll be off-island this weekend, so I'm wishing you a very happy Chinese New Year in advance. Viva la Rat!! And hoping we don't see too many of the real kind in our houses in the coming year...

Mokihana said...

Just read in the Star Bulletin that there was snow on Haleakala! Ho da cold! We have snow here in Oregon, but that's kinda normal. The socks are great... and sounds like you need them. I like knitting socks on worsted weight... goes so fast!

Lisa Boyer said...

Yikes...I'm 49 and I'm at that age where I don't think I'll ever be cold again! For the first time in my life, I'm always hot. Too bad I just learned how to knit socks. I love to make them, but I can barely stand to wear them! Hot Flash!!! I need to go stand in that snow on Haleakala!!! Pretty the red.

Opal said...

I love the socks! I'm sure they'll keep your feet nice and toasty while our temperatures dip into the low 60's. That's quite chilly for us islanders!

Rachel said...

Very nice job! They look comfy and warm.

Do you like that yarn? I've never gotten to see it in person, but I've heard it's a great wool for children's sweaters. Any tips?

KnitPastis said...

Ahhh these socks look so comfortable:) Makes me want for a thick warm pair of socks right now.