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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Of Turtles and Alpaca

Blogless Michelle is on turtle patrol on the North Shore. The turtles come to a particular beach to bask in the sun and her job is share information about the turtles and prevent the busloads of tourists from getting too close and tormenting them. I brought my knitting, but knit not a stitch. Instead I lay in the sun, floated in the water and the time went by.

The green sea turtle is fully protected under both the federal Endangered Species Act and under Hawaii state law

In total disregard of my personal mandate to buy no more yarn, I got a sh*tload of ultra alpaca from Webs. But hey, it's soft and somewhat fluffy and I don't care if its not practical for Hawaii and that summer is on the way.

So I cast on for Pure and Simple's Neck Down Shaped Cardigan. I'm leaving out the shaping.


Sunflowerfairy said...

I love turtles. Seriously. They are such peaceful animals.

bockstark.knits said...

oooohhh, that is so cool! it must've been so cool to be sittin in the sun next to a turtle!!!

Opal said...

Beautiful honu! Did you know I made that sweater? It's a really fun knit! But I made mine too small. :(

Tia said...

I made that sweater too. In fact, I made two. The first one I used Merino Stripes, the second, I used Silk Garden. I ended up ripping out the silk garden one totally and used it for my Lady Eleanor and gave it to my MIL.
I just love the green sea turtles. When I lived on the North Shore, growing up, we saw lots. Now that I'm in Kaneohe, I always look out for them when driving past Waimanalo. Beautiful animals.

beadlizard said...

In Montana, my uncle had turtles living in his lake. They only appeared out of the mud during the few warm months and were dormant the rest of the year. They were neat, but nothing like your majestic sea turtles -- those are amazing!

Michelle said...

hey thanks for giving the honu a shoutout on your blog! i have to chuckle a bit when you say it's my "job." i'll have to check and see if i can recall which individuals you are showing here (if you'd want such info). and i must reiterate that you're welcome to join me up there anytime! imagine a knit-out at laniakea beach? pah!

Terby said...

Great turtles!

I say knit what you want. I like the colors you stocked up on. I'll be following your sweater knitting - I have that pattern in stash.

Mokihana said...

Love the honu shots!!

The yarn is beautiful too!