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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Winter in Hawaii means it's green in Koko Crater

But first the wips, as this is a craft blog. I have basketweave vest in a DK weight wool and gathered scarf in baby alpaca silk. These are both inching along and are attached to balls that never end. I feel the interest waning and the desire to cast on a sock or something colorful coming on. Only the scarf is a Christmas gift so I shall attempt to persevere.

Blogless Melody and I explored another surprising, hidden gem, the the Koko Crater Botanical Garden. It was one of those incredible lucky live Hawaii days! Koko Crater is on the dry side of the island, but the season's rains have greened it (and it's more famous neighbor Diamond Head) up. There are several gardens in this quiet peaceful place...plumeria garden with all bald trees, Mexico with amazing cacti, Hawaiian garden with some large Loulu palms, and Madagascar with some very alien looking specimens. For some reason I was under the impression there was only one Loulu palm left anywhere, so I was happy to see many large specimens of this native fan palm in this garden.

Today I tried Pumpkin Scones. I used this recipe and I must say, they taste wonderful! (it's all about the butter)


k-brow said...

pretty pix! You've convinced me to visit this place on my upcoming vacation.

I'm surprised at how pale the scarf appears in the photo. It is so beautiful. If I ever get out from under the weight of my UFO's, this is going into my own pipeline.

Opal said...

gorgeous pictures! is that the botanical garden near kalama valley?

i'm so tempted to make that scarf. it's gorgeous! the pumpkin scones look delicious. mmm. butter. ;-)

Growing Up the Second Time said...

cool pics I have to make the scones since my dog just ate the ones I bought.

Aim said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely Hawaii with us!!! Oh, that green is something I could sink my teeth into right about now, when the world where I live is DRAB and dull! Thanks :D