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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Friday passed with nothing frogged or finished. I thought on it though. Second Fishscale sock has progressed to the heel and Basketweave vest back has only 20% to go.

Nothing like visitors to inspired a flurry of housekeeping. A friend I haven't seen for 31 years came into town to run the HURT. Apparently she is one of those select nuts who runs 100 miles for fun. She was the first person I met when I moved to Lexington, Ky and was so kind to me, allowing me to stay with her while I found a place of my own. It was wonderful to see her again and catch up before dropping her off at 5:30 this am for her race. I don't see her again until Sunday night! Yes, you read right! She runs all night and two days!!!! This is no wimpy run either. A storm passed by yesterday with winds and rains, so the 5-20 mile loops-rain forest run through roots, crumbly steep trails in the dark, has slick mud to boot. Join me in wishing her well!

My stash has been enhanced two skeins of a the wonderfully soft Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky. This is the danger of knitting in a yarn store. I envision some really big cabled hat with this yarn.

Blogless Sandy came up with this really great idea for blocking using the Multi-purpose Reversible Foam Mats. These can be locked together in any size and put on a table instead of the floor, thus saving one's back. They are foam so pins can be poked in it.

I have acquired two bales of cotton from the knittybird. They were used in a display where she works. Thanks knittybird! Now to figure out what to do with this massive amount of cotton. If you live on Oahu and can meet somewhere to pick some up, holler if you want some. It has a pretty short fiber length and I have no combs. Yikes now I'm obsessing on cotton combs (I guess they are finer then wool combs) and a Tahki spindle.

Have great weekend!


k-brow said...

Bales of cotton? I'd been thinking you just had a ball or two. Wow! Does it still have seeds and vege-matter in it?

That white chunky alpaca is beautiful. I share your fantasies of a hat, in spite of the fact that I've never owned or even desired a white hat. Must be the cotton, invading our psyches...

debbie said...

i'll never look at those mats the same way now - the bookmobile lady who sits by me has an unopened bag among her stash of "things"....hmmm, would she miss them....

Jennifer said...

I have a friend who runs the ultra-marathons. She said the first year she ran the 50-miler, everyone looked at her like she was a wimp!

I think the blocks are great for blocks. I think the Knitting Doctor uses them. Great idea.

Happy knitting.

Opal said...

my mind boggles at the thought of two bales of cotton.

many well wishes for your friend! talk about hardcore!

KnitPastis said...

I am oogling over your cascade with baby alpaca. It sounds heavenly. Like the perfect yarn. Will keep this in mind.
Best of luck to your dear friend.

smariek said...

Oy! That's quite a run! Good luck to your friend!

Love those foam mats for blocking.