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Friday, July 10, 2009

Yarn Acquisitions and the WIP, Baby February

I received a very nice package in the mail thanks to Claudia's MS ride. The package included some very squishy sock yarn from Lavendersheep, the cutest darn card with miniature knitting, sock needles and cable needle, and a sock pattern. As one who rarely win anything, I am elated! Maybe I'm ready for Vegas...there may be 1.3 million out there for me:)

I've gone on pink roll, and these are my latest splurges at Little Knits.

Cashwool is merino wool, no cashmere, and the laceweight gauge is quite scary looking . What was I thinking? The pink has a slight lavender tinge, and was difficult to photograph.

This cottonfine is more of a rose with s slight orange tinge. I wanted to try out this yarn that is 20% wool.

I'm encouraged by the progress of February Baby. I had such a block doing February Lady, but I may try again. After all, it's just a big February Baby.

Icarus is bound for the frog pond...maybe tomorrow.

PS: or maybe today for

Ball of seasilk formerly known as Icarus.


santos. said...

oh no! what happened with icarus? why no love?

Opal said...

nice prize! i love that cashwool. mmm. are you going tomorrow night?

Rachel said...

I love your February Baby! I usually see it with the yoke garter stitch carrying on a lot lower down the arms, but I think I like your version even better!