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Monday, May 17, 2010

Totoro Pop up Card

Totoro Pop up Card
Originally uploaded by acornbud
Blogless Melody got me started on the whole stamping, card-making thing by organizing 3 card making sessions, starting with quilted cards for Valentine's Day. Baby sister Rita enabled me further by gifting me some Fiskars scallop and flower punches. Then I "won" two silent auctions for The Bead Gallery's charity auction which was a Sizzix embossing machine and kit and a Stampin' Up coupon for 20% off. Then another blogless friend destashed some lovely paper, punches and brads at prices that I couldn't pass up.

There are so many wonderful tutorials on you tube on how to make paper flowers and pop cards, as well as how to use the Sizzix.

The bottom line is, I needed another hobby like I needed a hole in my head! My yarn, fabric, and bead/wire stashes now have to make room for punches, inks, papers, glue dots and Sizzix attachments!

My mom is threatening to have me star on the hoarding show.

I love making paper flowers! It beats working any day:)


Silvia M. said...

So cute, I love it!

Zonda said...

I like it! Great score on that machine too :) I'm so trying not to have another hobby LOL!

k-brow said...

That's adorable. Why do I sense that these would sell on Etsy? You're no hoarder! Your house is gorgeous!