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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catbus Tuesday

The catbus is one of the coolest things. The Totoro ride around in the catbus and all that flying around at night creates the wind. I don't think there is a limit as to how many Totoro can fit in one catbus. It is a very plush and intuitive ride. It always takes you exactly where you want to go, even if the place is where the lost baby sister is. It has mice for headlights.

I don't have very many catbuses in my stash. It's all about Totoro, you know.

I'm still looking for a topper for my tree.

Pattern: Michael's Crochet Christmas Tree
Yarn: Plymouth Encore
Hook: size H

I added a crochet chain for a silver/white yarn and eyelash yarn from stash. I used one strand of mini-lights. I wish I had two of them. Blogless Sandy gave me a whole mess of felted acorns. Thanks, Sandy! They were perfect for my tree.

The Ginger Totoro were a little overcooked, but tasty. I'm going to try and frost the next batch with some Royal Icing. After reading up, I am a little paranoid about the Salmonella so will go with the meringue powder type.


Silvia M. said...

The catbus totally rocks! I love your tree and your cookies. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the Totoro treats. Too cute!

Zonda said...

Those cookies look delicious. the catbus!

sandy said...

Awesome christmas tree! very original. Cookies are very cool!

Wendy said...

Those cookies are so cute! You can also use pasteurized egg whites since they're safe.

We had a Totoro party for my daughters a couple years ago and made the cat bus out of rice krispy treats and totoro as a regular cake. We also made edible dust bunnies.