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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Seed Stitch

I've always admired the Trinity Stitch Beret, so I thought it would go well with the Malabrigo Rios, but in the end I think this yarn looks best with a seed stitch. I didn't find a seed stitch hat so I decided to just wing one. It's drying now and has grown quite a bit, so I hope it still fits when it's dry.

My first project with my new sewing machine was a cover for it. I totally screwed up the measurements for both my serger and sewing machine cover, but the Amy Butler fabric looked pretty good anyway. For my next project I decided to do some potholders as they are small quilted projects and my goal is to get brave enough to quilt the two tops I have hiding in my closet.

I found a little piece of washable wool fabric in my stash to use as padding and did some free motion thread quilting on this first one. It came out too thin and the thread painting made it stiff.

For the next two I found the Nancy Zieman video and dug out what I think is the right padding...some shiny stuff sandwiched between to fiber layers. For good measure and because I have lots of that wool fabric, I added a layer of that between the top and the padding.

The binding is a challenge. Perhaps the walking foot is not the right foot. Also NZ is a bit cryptic about "tucking in the the end".


4you-withlove said...

Nice! :)

Silvia M. said...

Such lovely projects!