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Friday, February 03, 2012

Aya Brioche Scarf

Pattern: Brioche Scarf by Kenny Chua from Knit Noro: Accessories: 30 Colorful Little Knits
Yarn: Noro Aya, Colorway 12
Needles: size 10. The pattern called for a size 9 which may have made the scarf a little less scrunchy.
Comments: This colorway has an odd assortment of colors, including pink (yikes). The second skein had a color that was not even in the first one…so Noro:)
In the end end I was quite happy with the colors

The yarn is very soft against the skin. I encountered only one knot in 3 skeins.

Brioche is a bit boring to knit and combined with the short rows, it was a challenge to fix. I found I could only fix it by tinking back. I'm not sure this needs blocking.

Day 21. My narcissus bloomed! I took a class where I learned to carve off some layers of the bulb and place it in water. The container was set in the sun and the water changed twice a day. After the roots formed I put it in a vase mom has had for a long time for this purpose. The leaves and flower that progressed the fasted where actually on a small side bulb I never carved. I'm not sure I'm ready for craft carving where the growth is coaxed into shapes such as crabs and dragons. I'm just happy to have at least one bloom. Our class was to late to have the flowers on Chinese New Year. Maybe next year!

I seem to be in a quiet time of crafting and hanging out at home. I'm spinning some. I've watched the complete Homeland series, reruns of NCIS, some old movies like Shipping News, and spent way to much time on Ravelry trying to get inspired for my next project. I feel accomplished just because I not only folded my laundry but put it all away. Ah those mundane pleasures. I'm working two days a week which suits me. My office mate has quirky sense of humour and that's what one needs to get through the day, lol.

Life is good:)


Zonda said...

Beautiful scarf! I too am knitting a brioche stitch scarf and trying not to fall asleep! Interesting about carving bulbs too, pretty flower.

kbrow said...

I love that colorway! All misty...

I am staring at some laundry that is crying to be put away, and some of it work clothes that need to be ironed now, because I couldn't be bothered to hang them up right away. sigh.

Nice narcissus. They are some of my favorite flowers. Because of our freakishly warm winter, mine bloomed in December this year. I blame it on the acorn mast...

Rachel said...

What a lovely scarf, and I love the yarn choice!

Aim said...

Carving out the roots?! Never heard of it, but I'd be like you, just happy to have some flowers blooming!!! I like your fishy hat too :) And your 2 days/week schedule sounds heavenly, just enough to keep the mind going! Keep up the good posting work!