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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quilt Topper #3

For this topper I wanted pinwheels and I found a nice you tube on Fast and Easy Pinwheels from the Missouri Quilt Company. 

I miscalculated cutting so my pinwheels came out larger then I envisioned.  Not to worry!  Kaimuki Dry Goods had some great larger star and striped fabric!  I behaved myself while in there and stuck to the project in mind.  Yeah, right!

For the binding I found some matching fabric in stash and a video that demonstrated an easy way to join the ends by Marci Baker of Alicia's Attic. This quilt was my practice quilt for free motion quilting straight lines. Leah Day, of DayStyle Designs makes it look so easy! Yikes! This was very hard for me. Washing the quilt helped some, but don't zoom in too close on the actual quilting! The back tells the story of my meandering ways, lol. Marking the quilt or having printed lines only helped a little and the little thread bumps on the back mark my many moments of hesitation. Still, it's ready for July 4 and I like how it came out, especially from a distance.


Beverly said...

Love the 4th of July them. Great mix of patterns.

Beverly said...

Love the 4th of July scheme. Great combination of patterns.