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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer 2012

Travels My brother in law served 44 years in the military and 13 years as the adjutant general of the state of Washington and retired 31July2012. I had the pleasure of attending some of the festivities in Tacoma. As a brother in law, he is a fine person also beloved by nieces, nephews, pets and pretty much everyone. As a Major General, he has had quite a career and I wish him well as he goes about his next endeavors as a regular citizen.
*skip down to miss the whiny story. I was given the task of carrying the lei from Hawaii to the first party. It did not start off well as the plane was delayed 3 hours and I waited 5 hours before getting off the ground. Wouldn't you know it the one trip I decide not to bring the bulky noise-canceling headphones, I get crying toddler for 5.5 hours. The poor mom. To her credit she did not turn into a shrieking, crazed puddle of womanhood but kept her cool. What a WOMAN! It was after midnight when I hit the ground and pitch black outside. I got to the car rental place (mine closed at 11pm so I was transferred to Alamo) and proceeded to miss my on ramp and drive aimlessly from MacDonald's parking to parking lot trying to navigate with my iPhone. Note to self: Get GPS that talks to you!!! So I finally made it the 20 miles to the wonderful Hotel Murano at 2am and wouldn't you know it there was someone checking out. He took forever and while I was waiting I realized I had lost the leis. I got a sinking feeling and then felt on the verge of hyperventilation. After taking stock I realized I left the bag on the car rental shuttle. Would you believe no one answers any phone calls at the car rental place or airport at 2 am? At 8am I called lost and found. No bag. At noon I drove back to the airport to pick up my sister from Denver. No bag in lost and found:( I spoke to the rental car shuttle driver. Even with his full bus, he took the time to call his supervisor and the bag was found!!! The contents were intact and the pikake had gotten quite fragrant! I was ever so grateful to the Port Authority employees who took care of me!

My sister has a beautiful garden and bird feeder drama. I learned the cruel tale of brood parasitism. The valiant mother Junco is feeding her giant baby cowbird. The cowbird is a nomadic bird that never builds it's own nest rather it lays it's eggs in another bird's nest and the baby is raised by it's foster mother, sometimes at the expense of the mother's own babies.

I spent a few glorious days in Seattle. The weather was perfect! I ate at all my favorite places, The Palace, Lola's and Chinooks. I'm still dreaming about that wonderful Coconut Cream Pie! I also got my smoked salmon from Pike's Market and tried the small doughnut place in lieu of Top Pot. Next time I won't miss Top Pot! I tried Volterra in up and coming trendy Ballard neighborhood and Palisades.  the Volterra meal was tasty but pretty heavy.  The crab cake and view at Palisades were awesome! I also squeezed in archery, dog agility training with 16 month old Magic and a picnic in the park.
Knitting The good thing about the long delay in the Honolulu Airport was I nearly finished my scarf. The bad thing is that I completed my only project long before the trip was ended and had nothing to knit on the way back. My friends did humor me by taking me to The Fiber Gallery recommended to my by Marti. I like the size of this shop.  There was a nice selection of patterns, and yarns.  I treated myself to a skein of Madelinetosh sock
The two hats are from WestKnits 3. I made the small Dustland and Bedrock, but they both came out large for me. Guys have big heads, lol. Dustland is left over Beaverslide and the Bedrock is Malabrigo Rios. The scarf is Stormy Sky Lace Cowl by Eaden Yarns from The Stubborn Knitter knit up in handspun polwarth. I'm waiting on some cherry buttons to finish this off. I hope they match.  

Life in General I've been fighting bugs for the last 6 weeks first a cold that turned into bronchitis, then a sorethroat which I hope is finally abating. So I'm laying low, and knitting hats that don't fit anyone and it's too hot to wear and trying to be positive. (not working too well, lol) I'm going to break out the the red Madelinetosh and knit up Brambles and hope that helps. Really...I have lots to be thankful for and life is good!

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sandy said...

Looks like you had a great trip minus the lost lei drama. Nice knitted items! Tim is a great guy!!...they should clone him.