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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breaker, Pattern and yarn by Louisa Harding

Pattern:  Breaker by Louisa Harding from Louisa Harding #111, Ondine
Yarn:  Ondine, 100% cotton, on sale at Webs! A lovely yarn to work with.  I love the subtle marled look in these colors
Needles:  size 3, 5
Modifications:  To avoid the dreaded seaming as much as possible, I knit all the body welts first then joined to knit the fronts and backs together.  I knit the size 4, but the largest size length, but in the end my sister did not want a cropped top so I lengthened it 2 more inches.  She also wanted long sleeves.  To avoid seaming the sleeves, I CO 43 stitches and knit the contrasting cuff on 5 needles.  Every 8th row, I increased two stitches at the under arm side (K1, MI, then knit to last 1 stitch.  End M1K1) until there were 71 stitches.  At the sleeve cap, I switched to knitting back and forth, so there still was a sleeve cap to sew in.   This screwed up the buttonhole space at the top a bit.  I'm not sure why the neck is stretched on so on the back, perhaps I needed to go up a size?  The bottom line is that the recipient is happy with it and being cotton I suspect it will conform as she wears it. 
Comments:  The knitting was nice and mindless, stockinette and seed stitch...a great TV project. 

I'm so tempted to buy more of this yarn.  But, my stash is stash is full...repeat after me.

A couple of sock projects completed. 
Child size Watermelon socks with leftover yarn (see previous post)

And some Koigu socks, Alternating 2x2 rib, from one of my favorite sock knitting books, Sensational Knitted Socks.  I still love me some Koigu!!


Jennifer said...

Ooh - that sweater looks marvelous! I bet it's one you wear everyday! Love the socks, too. You've been very productive.

Silvia M. said...

Great projects! Lovey cardigan and the watermelon socks are so cute. :)

Zonda said...

Beautiful Sweater!! Love the socks too, glad someone has some sock knitting mojo ;)

kbrow said...

Love that sweater in those earthy colors!
I've been so obsessed with the toe up sock that I've abandoned my former bible, Sensational Knitted Socks! Must get back to The Book...