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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Tourmaline on the Couch

cable1 by acornbud
cable1, a photo by acornbud on Flickr.
Pattern: Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman from La La's Knits.
Yarn: Socks that Rock, Tourmaline
Needles: Size 3
Mods: CO 48 stitches.
Comments: This is a very nice toe up sock pattern with a very simple cable. The yarn, while scrumptious, made for a very heavy sock, more like a boot or bed sock. The pooling did not match up so I just had to go with the flow.
I used Judy's magic CO and Jeny's stretchy bind off. The socks are a bit big for me as I knit a size six. They still look pretty large.

1 comment:

kbrow said...

Ho da lovely!! Weren't you just asking about toe-ups the other week??