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Monday, December 17, 2012

Knitting Mosaic

For lack of a more clever post, here's a mosaic of some knits. I love the simple cat pattern and slightly fiddlier horse pattern by Linda Dawkins from Mamma4earth. The cats knit up sweetly in left over varigated yarns. I stuffed them with wool.
The hats are the Scott Pilgrim hats. The pattern is similar to the Noro hat. I finally watched the movie and it was quite entertaining and silly. Michael Cera is a great Scott Pilgrim. The watermelon socks with contrast are for my niece. She never reads my blog so it's safe to say. I thought I had blogged about the turquoise hat before. I frogged a cowl and knit another Urban Trekker (from the book Just Hats) since the first one was adopted out.
These catbus pillows were a bright spot in an otherwise maddening retail world. I still haven't recovered from how early the radio started up with the Christmas songs.

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