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Monday, September 02, 2013

A Sock Occurrence

A small miracle has occurred. I finished a pair of socks.  This project was plod for me, but I persevered!  Maple Toffee Socks
Pattern:  Sugar Maple by Melissa Morgan-Oakes from 2-at-a-time Socks
Needle:  size 1
Yarn:  Orange Toffee yarn, wool, alpaca, nylon, hand dyed by Hungry for Handspun.  She doesn't dye anymore, but makes wonderful soap!
Perhaps it will be chilly enough on Camano Island when I go up the end of the month.  I'm looking forward to Harvest Jubilee!

The second weaving on my Schacht Cricket loom came out more even.  There were a couple of missed threads on the back side, but none on the front.  My left selvage was nicer then the right, but after discovering a little tug helped on that side, it looked much better.

I watched the second Craftsy video on Rigid Heddle weaving and learned a few new tricks. Deborah Jarchow recommends making samples.   Umm, since I'm not even a swatch knitter I can see that will be a challenge. I would have learned from a sample that the two colors I chose for the warp would not contrast enough.  After washing, though and in the sun I can see that second stripe better.  The project stripes more horizontally then I had envisioned.
Yarn:  Lousa Harding Ondine.  This is a wonderful cotton, on sale at Webs right now.  I'm tempted, but the whole point of weaving at all is to use up stash, so I'm holding back.
I packed the weaving tightly and I'm thinking next time a little looser may give a little more drape.  I'm not sure about the fringe at this point.

One of my walking buddies got me hooked The Killing, the American version.  It stars a very gloomy Seattle and I loved the great aerial views.  The female protagonist, a flawed (is there any other kind?) detective sports some really cool sweaters...the kind I would love to knit, but alas would have no where to wear.  The show is more of a miniseries then free standing episodes and has finished it's third season.

She also got me hooked on Breaking Bad.   This AMC series is in it's 5th season, so I have a lot of catch up to watch on my computer since I'm still holding out on the TV replacement.

The 5-0 Halloween edition filmed down the road.  I had a huge cherry picker outside by house for 3 days, and one night a guy with stadium lights hovered over my garage.  I wonder if can charge for airspace, lol.

It's seems a bit like Fall today as we have some drizzle going on.  I'm grateful I don't need to water my azaleas:) The stores are full of Halloween already.   Can the new year be far behind? I'll be happy to bid 2013 Aloooooha!

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