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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Scrappy Blue Something, Weaving project number 3

This is project number 3 on my 15 inch Cricket Loom, following the Craftsy Class by Angela Tong.  I used up more of my cotton stash in blues, white and off-white.  The marled yarn really made the sections interesting.  I love the way the mercerized, double-stranded DK weight Bernat Cassino created the illusion of crosses.  I went for random lengths of weft and warped half the loom with white and half with Cascade Sierra Quattro.
I wanted to make placemats, but the final width was only 10.5 inches so for now it's yardage.  It's a little wide for a scarf, imo. 
I made a small dent in the stash.  My weave is more uniform, and the selveges are okay, but the ends with the fat yarn really showed up with the contrast. 

I signed up for Ravellenics, Team Aloha Knitters, but my project, Aidez with Cascade 128 had a little stall.  I took the chart with me to work on my Nook, and misread it.  Darn this old eyes!!  It's started again on dpns.  I'm going with a sleeve and plan to knit this in the round.

I'm enjoying this season's Downton Abbey  (spoiler alert)..
 What is that sneaky butler up to, and I still hate that horrid visiting butler for what he did to Anna.  I hope Anna gets some justice but not at the expense of Bates.  I'm not sure I like Rose.  Lady Edith needs a break, waah.  It seems inevitable that Tom Branson is not renewing his contract, sigh.  Drama drama....I love this series!

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kbrow said...

Right here with ya on the DA drama...Rose is trouble. I am kinda worried about poor Edith, hope Michael Gregson is (a) decent, (b)okay in Germany, (c)ready to be a father...

Nice weaving!!!