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Friday, October 31, 2014

Grace and Bunnies

A couple of FB acquaintances are bunny people.  One raises Angora bunnies and has been posting many pictures of these fuzzy bunnies.  Some look like fluffy bedroom slippers and have so much fur it obscures their faces and tail.  So I got the bug to knit bunnies.

Pattern:  Heartstrings Fiber Arts Knitted Bunny from a square.
by Jackie E-s
Yarn:  re-purposed Baby Alpaca grand.  I also used some polyester medium eyelash yard as I acquired a whole bagful at the last trade show.  What was I thinking?  For the fluffy one I used the baby alpaca and the eyelash yarn held together. 
Needles:  size 8 for the larger bunny and size 5 for the smaller one.  I used the cabled braid from one of Walker's books.

I've also got a new friend, Grace.

She is a Golding all the way from Vermont.  1.4oz, Birdseye maple with walnut shaft.  She spins well.  

My Ewa Beach Cotton on the e-spinner is plugging along.  I had some tension issues but seem to have figured this out.  I just have to relax and let the wheel have it's way.  

BTW, I used the shoe bag pattern from the last post to use up some Amy Butler stash (Amy Butler, Coreopsis in Peach, August Fields Fabric) for my Mixer beaters and made a a matching cover for the mixer.  It's such a happy print.  

The Hawaii International Film Festival is on.  My first film will be a documentary about the animators at Studio Ghibli in Japan, including Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of Totoro, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness.  The others are samurai pictures or have Asano Tadanobu in them. 


kbrow said...

I miss that film festival.
I keep meaning to make the pattern Henry's Rabbit, which I think is free on rav - a cute little bunny.
Your Golding is beautiful. This is not the only birdseye maple item you own, is it? How does it compare to spin on it, compared to your Bossie of similar size?

Acornbud said...

Henry Rabbit looks cute! I will put it in my queue too! The Golding is the only Birdseye maple spindle I have. I really like the spin and weight. 1.4 oz seems to be a good weight for what I like to spin. Hard to compare, but I do like the compact shape of the Bossie. The figure of the Birdseye maple is really lovely.