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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Butterfly Cards

I had a fun day making butterfly cards with blogless Forest Maiden.  She will be returning to her forest soon and was able to take a break from her cleaning house in preparation for the summer renters.  She provided lunch!    The stamps are mostly from Stampin' Ups Butterfly collection.  What a lot of fun that set is!  It's always fun to share papers and ideas.

I tried out a new mosaic maker, Andrea Mosaic.  Freeware! Looks like fun!

I made desert, Apple Charlotte.

I watched Trish Yearwood and her sister make this.  I didn't have a charlotte pan, so I used my casserole dish.  I added the zest and juice from two lemons so it was very lemon-y.  I also used half whole wheat bread to make the pattern and cut back on the sugar so it was nicely tart.  

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