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Thursday, October 01, 2015


Most of my Ireland pictures are up.  Lots of flowers!  There were so many varieties!  The scenery was outstanding as well.  My pictures just don't do justice to the beauty.  Ireland Flickr Album

I also have a few pictures of my brief stay in Atlanta, GA with the fabulous Knitted Brow.  We did drum-carding, soap and a trip to the AtBot  Mr. Cricket the handsome poodle treated me well after a brief re-introduction.

So on to the FOs

Oaken Poncho
Pattern:  Easy Folded Poncho by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas
Yarn:  Bugga! by The Verdant Gryphon.  Colorway:  Oaken Timberworm.  Lovely, lovely cushy yarn!  I used two skeins with just a tiny bit left, and not enough for the cowl
Needles:  size 6
Mods:  none
Comments.  The two skeins did not match so I planned the brighter one for the front.  The seam joins the two different skeins and sits on top on one shoulder.  Not a problem!  This is very comfy to wear.  This was the perfect knit for those long stretches on the the bus in Ireland.  So mindless it did not interfere with sight seeing out the window!

Chamblee Bliss

Kim checked out a drum carder and we mixed up a bunch of batts.  Fiber content is chop suey.  Mostly wool, tiny amount of angelina and some silk.    This was the first time for me spinning batts.  They are a pleasure!  I did the singles on Edward, my Bosworth midi, and plied them on Serenity, my Majacraft Rose.    I ended up with 1.3 oz. of worsted 3 ply, and 0.2 oz of a two ply.  Not sure what it will be.

While I was having fun with the drum-carder, Kim made soap.  She sent me home with 9 bars of glorious soap, which is still curing, but smells heavenly.

And just another Shoulder Cozy, or was it two.  One in Noro Aya/Cascade lace and one in Noro Taiyo/Cascade lace, in very similar colorways.

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