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Saturday, May 07, 2016

One Woman Senior Citizen Club

I've found that one dishrag pattern that I can do!  Somehow my knitted ones and crocheted ones were all wonky so I gave up.  Perhaps it took turning into a genuine card-carrying senior citizen that inspired me to do something with all the cotton/cotton blend yarns I've collected or harvested from projects.  I have made many and throw them at all my friends.
Pattern:  Tunisian Crochet Washcloth by Poppy & Bliss (Michelle Robinson) from My Poppet
Hooks:  6mm Tunisian Crochet hook and J crochet hook
Notes:  My ends looked pretty sloppy and my corners wonky.  For me it worked best to just cut each color and join the new one.
Yarns:  Bernat organic cotton, Valley Yarns Goshen, Louise Harding Ondine,
Plymouth Yarn Jeannee Worsted, some vintage stuff, Peaches and cream.

Another quick and easy project was the jar opener.  I have two and have used them for many things besides opening jars.  They help my cutting board not slide and I use one when I have to clamp my apply corer/slicer to the counter top.  I read somewhere they are handy under the sewing machine pedal as well.  These are going to be thrown at the walking group.
Supplies:  shelf liner by Contact.  
Hooks:   I used a size D hook for the first row and changed to a size G.  I found a SC, ch1 around decreased puckering.  
Then there is the potholder.  Well so far two potholders.Pattern:  Delores's Scrap Hotpad
Mods:  For a potholder, I tried a 6 inch square and one layer of padding and 7.5 inch square with one later heat resistant padding with one layer cotton batting.  I like the two layers and larger size.  I did not add a loop since I store my potholders in a hanging bag.

More are sure to follow.  

And last but not least, the hanging bags.  I love to use up scrap yarns and handspun. I have three in the kitchen and one in the bathroom (for TP rolls)

Pattern:  Large Hanging Basket by Bekki Bjarnoll from Bekki Bjarnoll: A Crochet Blog
Notes:  I change the crochet hook depending on the yarns I use.  I have used up to 4 yarns held together.   Adding some eyelash yarn is a nice touch!

I went to a birthday party last night for a friend who just turned 50.  That seems very young to me.  I better start channeling my inner 20-something before reaching permanent old fut stage.  Are there pills?  The vitamins aren't doing it.

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