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Thursday, November 03, 2016

FO: Dotted Rays

I signed up for the the first Knit Stars and was treated to some excellent teachers.  I was very impressed with Stephen West's energy and creativity as well as his teaching technique and philosophy.  The man does not fear color!  I decided to embark on one of his patterns, Dotted Rays.  I had a few rules going in.  1.  Only from the stash (or collection as SW likes to call it)  2.  No pink  3.  No purple.

So simple, no?  Well as the rays got larger and larger I got the urge to shop.   I saw a pattern develop,  a green and a blue ray, followed by a brown/gold ray.  I was happy to use up some Trekking ProNatura that could not find a project.  I did break the pink and purple rules as  the variegated yarns had bits of both.  For the last ray I was all set to stop by Aloha Yarns, but alas, or maybe luckily, Nanea was on vacation.  So I got out the Handmaiden single ply emerald green turquoise stuff and was pleased to find that I had enough and it really looked good.  I kept hearing SW say it would be just fine.  In the end, I'm happy with the result. And it matches my sock drawer.

I used a size 7 needle since SW knits loose and I knit tight.  He can knit while walking and dancing.  I better not try that.

The Dark Kork was another little obsession out of the way.  Bat Kork.  I found a cute bat pattern, Fat Bottom Bats,  and used the wings.  I will have to go back to my Knit Stars videos and work on the CO join at the top of his face.  So many techniques for the those pesky problem areas.  CO 10 stitches, size 2 needles and I think some random Koigu.

Speaking of Koigu, I lust for some more.  Hope my Knit Stars order comes soon!

I wanted to go to Madrona next year but registration opens the day of my cataract surgery, so I'm afraid it's not to be.  Sigh.  Perhaps I should look for a fall festival with acorns and beautiful foliage instead.  A Hansen retreat with Judith McKenzie is also looking good.  They are in Port Hadlock next year instead of Port Townsend.

PS.  I used my Knitter's Pride blocker set, recommended by Rosemary Hill in the Knit Stars class and I love them!

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