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Thursday, September 06, 2018

The Difference Between Roving and Top

From Judith MacKenzie:  Teach yourself Visually Handspinning
"Pull the fiber apart.  Top pulls apart in a straight line; roving leaves a rough, triangular-shaped edge."
She showed me this in a class at Madrona, why can't I remember it? 

Combed fibers make top.  Spinning top (usually short forward or backward draw) makes a worsted yarn.  The fibers are all lined up. 

Carded fibers make roving which makes woolen yarns.  The fibers go in many directions and can be spun with a long draw.  Variations include pin roving, pencil roving and sliver.  Batts are basically roving which comes right off the carder in long sheets. 

Now I hope I'll remember 'cuz I wrote it down. 

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