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Sunday, April 09, 2006

April Project Spectrum, Bpt Update

Thanks to all who left comments on my Blogiversary.

Here is the sorry state of my April Project Spectrum yarn stash, unless I want to count a couple of leftovers. The Softball cotton was purchased on sale at Liberty House, Ala Moana, which dates this yarn circa 1979. I made several tops from this yarn in different colors and they wore well. I'm not sure what I will make with this yellow, but I have some black, too, so it sure sounds like Bumble Bee something. Boy I miss Liberty House. I spent many a hour browsing the yarn department years ago petting all that sock yarn.

Huckleberry Farms, a local grocer, had some really nice butternut squash. It looked so nice and yellow with carrots in this very hot squash curry. I think I'll try Ms. Lolly's butternut squash soup next time.

And look, The hood of a nearly finished Bpt!! Here it is drying. Let's see, since the ambient humidity today is 50-100%, it could take up to 3 days to dry, if I'm lucky. Then I have to measure and find a zipper to install. I enjoyed knitting this sweater and only had an urge to bolt 1/2 through sleeve one. Cascade 220 Superwash was a joy to knit with in color 828 on size 8 aluminum needles. I could not get a decent picture of the color. Once again I knit a sweater with a very "comfortable" fit. I have short arms and was not able to make all the decreases before I had to stop. If I knit it again, I'll decrease every 5 rows. It is really cool the way the cables come together and split in the armhole. I tried the 3 needle cast off on the hood, but undid it and grafted instead as some others recommended and liked it much better.

I got my first squeeze of Knit Picks in person, thanks to Chris. Feels very nice:) Now, what to knit next?


debbie said...

i miss liberty house too - back in the 70's my mom learned how to knit at the kailua store and knit me a sweater. and your butternut squash curry looks so ono! i love your totoros....

candsmom said...

How is it that I never knew that Liberty House used to carry yarn?! And sock yarn, at that?! I feel so cheated. ;-) I spent all my summers at the Zooper and Safari sales when I used to come down to visit my aunts here in Honolulu. I don't suppose Macy's carries any yarn, do they? ;-) Your squash curry looks so ono!! I love Huckleberry Farms, too- butternut squash is one of our faves! I'll have to try your curry recipe, though I'm a wimp about spice. And your Bpt looks fabulous!! The hood looks amazing and the color is so rich and gorgeous. You knit it so fast, too! I can't wait to see it in person... take care, Barb! :-)

KnitPastis said...

That butternut squash looks so good and it's making me hungry. I love superwash merino yarn. Just bought some superwash yarn myself today! What needle size do you think you'll be using for the KnitPicks yarn (for socks)?

kimberly said...

Oh that Bpt looks fab! I really can't wait to see it finished and on you.

myra said...

I missed the old Liberty House too. Heck I miss being able to browse yarn and fabric at Sears, Gems, Gibsons, etc. Those were the days.

Your curry looks so delicious!

keohinani said...

wow...liberty house had yarn!? my mom and dad used to work there in 1979!!!! geez, that's so disappointing when i think about it. then again, my mom was working the men's department and my dad was a stock boy. i suppose they never really got around to that section of liberty house, huh?
and your BPT is truly awesome.
hey, i just remembered: i was talking with starfish about the totoros i always see you making on your blog and how i have no idea what a totoro is. he went out and bought me the dvd so we could watch it. i can see how it would be so easy to become a totoro / acorn fanatic. :) that movie is so cute! as are the totoros!
on a side note, you are so good at making needle cases! how awesome!
take care, barb! :)

Sandee Yo! said...

Liberty House had....YARN?!?!?!

MmmmMMmmm....butternut squash!!!

I really miss the Kress store on Maui! :-(