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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wildefoot cable and seed stitch socks are moving slowly. This is my first 48 stitch sock and I think it might be too small. The yarn does not show the pattern very well and the is very splitty. Perhaps this will be a lonely one. I cast on Rogue and the Jo Sharp Aran Silk Road is much nicer to knit with.

Wayback sometime ago I bought a book on spinning and a drop spindle at a garage sale. It has been rediscovered in the cleaning frenzy (okay well frenzy is and exaggeration) along with some carded wool I had gotten in the pincushion addiction period of my life. The drop spindle was huge and being quite short it was very heavy. I researched making one of my own and was contemplating a run to City Mill when a lightbulb went on and I decided to do surgery.

I could say the surgery was a success, but the patient died :(


Sarah said...

Oh how beautiful, I stumbled upon your blog. My aunt knits and she would love the things you have done.
Stop by and check her out.

Opal said...

What great beginner's yarn! Way to go! Woohoo!

Don't give up on that ok? If you want to borrow a spindle or roving from me, let me know.