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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Laid Back Saturday

It seems like I've been working on Baby Eleanor forever. I really am enjoying it. I never thought I would like entrelac as my books always showed each triangle on a separate needle and that just seemed like too much for me.
I like the blue and I'm even starting to like the mustard.
I have saved yarn for the fringe, but I'm not sure I'll do the fringe. It just seems like an accident waiting to happen. When I reached the half century mark, I suddenly became a klutz.
I plan to knit this baby until I run out of yarn, and I'm almost there! Just in time for summer, hah!

That is Child's first sock number 1 in navy Koigu popping out of Mr. Sockfish. I have turned the heel and am inching towards the toe. Oh Koigu, how I love thee! The Knitpick DPs are working really well for me.

These brown orchids have popped out all over my patio. They have a nice scent and last awhile.

Feral Knitter has knit up the most wonderful Fair isle sweater. Not only that, she designed it!. It just boggles my mind!! She calls it Acorn Sweater:) (No relation to me)

I fished some Pingouin Bouclette out of my really old stash (cotton/acrylic) and tried a little bit of Lotus Blossum tank. This yarn has no stretch and just seems lifeless. I'm just not the Bouclette type, I guess. So far I have not been able to connect with it and I have a pile of it. Back it goes, heh. I can't make that many Totoros! Or can I?


mysticalfeet said...

I loooove the mustard patches in Baby Eleanor. That is a beautiful colorway. Wow. That is one crazy brown orchid! I've never seen/encountered a fragrant one, but I guess that vanilla comes from orchids, eh?

Staggering over the Acorn sweater. Maybe she was inspired by your orchids?

Rachel said...

Wow, that entrelac sweater is simply gorgeous! I've not yet tried entrelac, but I've seen so many beautiful examples I'm itching to try it - summer or not! What sort of yarn did you use?

Love the orchid, too. I have two of them here in the Frigid North of Illinois, and I think they're homesick for warmer climates!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Everything is so delicious looking! And you can make as many Totoros as you want. Gee, I'm such an enabler.
Bunny hugs,

Dipsy said...

Your Baby Eleanor looks so fantastic! Seeing it certainly inspired me to try my hands at entrelac too soonest possible - I've always been a bit scared to try it, but it looks just so fascinating, it must be so worth a try!
I also adore the orchid - these are my favorite flowers, I can't get enough of all their different shapes and colors, just looking at them makes me feel motivated and happy! Thanks for sharing!

marti said...

I love the Baby Eleanor, the colors are yummy!

Opal said...

Baby Eleanor looks fabulous. I'm sure it will come in handy at Mocha Java!

Kirsten said...

Such a beautiful Baby Eleanor! I really must make one. I just love that pattern. I think the color you chose is gorgeous.