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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some say this could never happen...a hat that fits!

They Call Them Pirates is a wonderful pattern by Hello Yarn and as a warm up, before going on to such a detailed pattern, Gina's Skull Hat was just the ticket. I believe the yarn is Cascade 220. I messed up the first part of the pattern, but as it is uniform it just looks like a "design element", heh. Thanks,Gina for sharing the pattern and Dipsy Doodle for leading me to it:)

Klaralund has been sacrificed for Baby Eleanor. I loved knitting Klaralund, but the Michelin tire-look was not my favorite. I was talked into Lady Eleanor by blogless Michelle and after a sputtering start have embraced this fun entrelac project from Pam Allen's Scarf Style The Noro Silk Garden color changes are still thrilling!
Blogless Michelle also gifted me with some Ganpi abaka tape and some pretty Zero Markers.
I also received some vintage beads and lavender sachets from Kim. They will make great stitch markers!
I feel so blessed to have met these wonderful, witty, and talented generous women.


YogaGardenGirl said...

Oh, your hat looks fabulous!!! One of my girlfriends is making that hat, too. coincidence, one of my other girlfriends is making the Lady Eleanor (not the baby one). Both look great! I love that tape yarn,!

Rachel said...

I love that entrelac scarf. I'm not usually into squarish shapes, but I am always fascinated how entrelac changes the look of variegated yarns. There is someone on the international scarf exchange who's knitting an entrelac scarf from Patons SWS, and I think it's sooooo gorgeous. Hmm, maybe I'll knit one for myself!

Beverly said...

The hat looks and great. It's an excellent practice project. Good luck with the Fair Isle.

I just love Silk Garden and the way colors change. Can't wait to see your finished Lady Eleanor. What colorway are you using?

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

You have been a busy knitter! I am still trying to plug away on my fingerweight Swallowtail Shawl. :(
Bunny hugs!

mysticalfeet said...

Your Baby E looks great! You inspired me to get going on my own. I love it when yarn gets reborn. I'm glad you liked the beads. They wanted to get out into the world, and weren't enjoying their time in that box in my closet.

Dipsy said...

Yummy! That hat turned out absolutely fabulous! It's a totally amazing pattern, isn't it? And you knit it up so beautifully!

Zarzuela said...

Cute hat! And Lady E is coming along nicely. Have you learned how to knit backwards yet? :)


Opal said...

Love the hat! I guess that means I really need to finish my own.

nova said...

I love Baby Eleanor! Every time I see one I think "I would love a scarf like that, but it's so long..." Huh, just make is shorter. Not so much a Lady as a Miss I guess. I am sure it will be gorgeous, it's off to a great start!

LisaB said...

Love the Pirates hat, definately need to make one for my husband.

I made the Lady - one of my absolute favorite knitted items I have ever made myself. You'll love it!