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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Lancaster, the second son, randomly generated a number and, May has won my Blogiversary contest Thanks to everyone who played!

I have been blogging for 4 years now and what an adventure it has been. I have learned so much and been inspired by so much creativity, warmth and humor out there. Thanks to everyone out there who has read my blog and left comments! You are the best:)

Now to generate May's prize. Well... it will have to wait until I return from Japan. Sorry, May.

I'm so excited about this trip. Reading about Tokyo is a bit overwhelming! I know I will be going to Kamakura one day, and the Tsukiji Fish Market. I also want to visit the Ghibli Museum. A crafty friend, Ione, maker of santas extraordinaire gave me some directions to a wonderful craft store, where I would love to look for fabric and other craft items.

Tomorrow I start my actual job and work two days. I got called to fill in today, too, at another clinic, but had to decline, as I don't think I'm ready for a full day of patients without the computer tech training support with the medical record. When it rains it pours.

On the knitting scene, this odd little Critter was born.

Totoro (crocheted by Elleban is wondering what this critter is. It started off as a cat, but the i-cord legs did not come out like I thought they would, so he looks a bit like a kangaroo. So I'll call him Critter and he will live with the Totoros:)

I'm enjoying knitting Two Hearts from A Fine Fleece with the wonderful Beaverslide. I don't think I'll take this project on my trip as it is getting rather large. Hmm, what to take...socks?


weebug said...

ahh, what a cute little critter!

debbie said...

socks are always a nice travel companion - for me, i guess i'll take some crochet (for the hotpads swap i signed up for) when i venture to utah later this month. i wish i were going somewhere like japan tho'....hey barb! i saw you on the news i think, they did a spot on soapmaking at the botanical gardens (was it foster?)

Rachel said...

Ah, must have missed your last post. Happy Blogiversary, and have a great trip!

santos. said...

happy anniversary! when are you going to japan? have a great time! (how can you not?)

Terby said...

Critter's cute! Looking forward to your photos from Japan. Have a wonderful trip.