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Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday already?

With the upcoming trip to Japan next month and the possibility of working few days when all the paperwork goes through, there are some little missions I have to complete.

Like underwear. Really, bras don't last forever, and it was time to just bite the dust and try some on. I miss Penny's, sigh. I decided to splurge and try Nordstrom's. So now I have a black one and it has those poky wire things. I even took a plunge and got my first camisole ever. I wonder if it will just sit in the back of the drawer?

Like, where did I put that stethoscope? I know I saw it the other day. I keep "hiding" things when people come over so there is the illusion of being neat, heh.

Like, ordering a lab coat. It's all about the pockets. I need a certain number of toys and several pens to feel official, ya know.

In the meantime, for reasons unknown, the electronic devices are revolting over here. The TV went first, then the amplifier, then the garbage disposal and now the DVD player. The beloved Bernina is giving a few warnings that it's time for a service. I wonder if was all the power outages we've had lately?

And my February Lady...frogged for Friday. Wrong yarn, wrong project. Yikes I have nothing on the needles. Nothing!!!

Good thing there have been some fun diversions!

Like the baby Max...son of blogless Michelle. So cute and chubby like babies are. And so willing to go from lap to lap!

And look her vegan cupcake! I had my doubts about a vegan cupcake but his one was onolishious and beautiful!

(Ginger cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World)

Like seeing Chris and catch up. She must have read my mind 'cuz she brought spam musubi! I hope she has better luck with her February Lady. I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since her last post!

I got some wonderful Noro Kuryeon 149 from Kim! No doubt it will inspire me to knit something (besides Totoro's that is) Thank you thank you!

Like having a Kuaaina hamburger and sharing fries with Angela, Opal, Dayna and Barbara. And getting an Oregon chocolate bar at Aloha Knitters, from a visiting Oregonian knitter.

Like having number 1 son came to dinner. I don't see him that much so it's nice to have him come to dinner. I even cooked. Okay well, I threw the chicken in the bag and turned on the oven:)

Like updating the shop with a few items...I'm happy to say a few knitted Woodland spirits and bags have found new homes!

And all the while keeping up with my shows...24, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, CSI,Medium and Tenchijin and Netfliks, continuing the destashing efforts and contemplating saying "no" to chocolate.

If you made it this far, leave and comment and you will be entered in a contest for my Blogiversary, April Fool's Day. I think it makes 4 years...but I'll have to go check on that.


Terby said...

You've been busy! It sounds like the bad is far outnumbered by the good. Japan sounds like an exciting trip - please share photos with us when you return!

Lisa Boyer said...

What a fun post! It was like a variety show. Have a wonderful trip and I hope your new poky wire things don't annoy you too much on your vacation...

Brenda said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and have learned of a few places to check out on my trip to Honolulu this summer.

PS I love acorns too.

k-brow said...

Oh my goodness, our electronics have revolted, as well, and I'm totally blaming the power outages. Our oven died for awhile and now the sparker in the stove has a short. A ceiling fan has gone belly up.

Glad you liked the Noro. Last week was fun, but I cannot believe you've got empty needles! Can't have that!

Oh, and have the census data come in from the Totoro Live Count?

Jennifer said...

Nothing on the needles? Yikes. I hope you find something new soon. I'm glad you decided to frog the February Lady sooner rather than later. I think that's so much easier. I wonder what you'll do with all that lovely yarn.

may said...

You lucky thing! I hope you have a great time in Japan. (Maybe I'll even make it to a meeting so I can say that in person!) And good luck with the underwire bra. I'm finally used to them but it took some getting used to (at least the ones now are better than they used to be).

Now I'm thinking about ginger cupcakes. Mmmmm!

Opal said...

oh it's so sad to see FLS go and to hear you have nothing OTN. hopefully that was just a brief state of existence.

i didn't know you watch bones too! i adore that show. we should talk.

the poky wires sound lethal. o.O

Anonymous said...

Japan? I need to come down to your side of the table more often! You'll have to tell me about it this week! It sounds wicked exciting.

Beverly said...

Electronic revolt! I'd be lost without my toys.

Aren't you a busy bee. Seems like you're having loads of fun.