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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Felted Bowl and part 2, Snickerdoodle Mystery

felted bowl
Originally uploaded by acornbud
Pattern: from the book One Skein
Yarn: Hand spun on drop spindle, roving gifted to me by the Akamai knitter. Thanks Opal!

Blogless Sandy who inspired me to knit the gnomes, also inspired me to make this bowl and it is the perfect way to use up my little balls of hand spun. The felting evened out that the thick and thiness of my yarn and melded into a very nice color. My yarn is still not very consistent, but it's much less over spun. The bowl still drying, but Totoro is trying it out. I think it will be his new home.

I've been all about the little knitted projects lately. Not much into sewing. I'm comtemplating on yarn for Central Park Hoodie...I'm pretty sure it will be Beaverslide, but what color? Shall I just order the new color cards or just "chance em".

Part 2: What makes a snickerdoodle a snickerdoodle?

Last year I made snickerdoodles for the first time and they spread out way flat. This year they are round and puffy. So what makes a snickerdoodle and snickerdoodle and not just a sugar cookie? Is it the cinnamon? These are maple snickerdoodles. Mine don't look like the Closet Cooking ones. They taste pretty good though, and in the end, that's what really matters.


blogless michelle / daTwine said...

that plate is adorable! your cookies look yummy. i recently made my first batch of pfefferneusse (without the nuts ; ) in memory of my grandmother. her recipe says it makes "about 600" but even though they were but 1.5cmx1.5cm before baking, i must've made them too big because i only got about 300. hmpf.

sandy said...

Wow! your handspun felted bowl looks great! I love the color and it is cozy for Totoro.

Lisa Boyer said...

Hey!! You got puffy cookies!! Mine are always flat, flat, flat. I don't think they were always flat before I moved to Kauai--so I was blaming Hawaii for my cookie flatness. But yours came out puffy--so there goes that theory! What am I gonna blame now??

debbie said...

my daughter-in-law made snickerdoodles and it came out flat. my friend said it might have been because the flour was cold - and we do keep it in the freezer (bugs in hawaii always get in the flour...), so we'll try let the flour come to room temp and see if that helps