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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yarn Pron for 2010

The New Year here is still 7 hours away. The sky is rather like a black and white movie. There were a few good days for the visiting Obamas. They had the lovely Hanauma Bay to themselves. So far I have not been stuck in any traffic due to security.

The nice wet weather has made my patio sprout. I have mixed feelings about power washing, fungicides and weed killers, and I rather love the green so there it is. It's part of the ebb and flow of the seasons in my little world.

The mailman's last delivery of the year brought me my Webs order. What a lovely man!

Included in the mosaic: 1. Ultra Alpaca, Redwood Mix 2. Noro Silk Garden lite 3. Plymouth Baby Alpaca, two different shades of red for next year's Red Scarf Project. 4. Madeleinetosh Worsted, Baltic 5. Red Mystery Yarn, destashed by durabledora 6. Beloved Beaverslide, Catbird heather, Christmas gift from my boys.

Catbird heather is earmarked for Central Park Hoodie. Hopefully Chris will be able to find time in her busy life as mom to join Kim and me for a KAL. I really should swatch, sigh. I think I'll do the viking back variation and go for a zipper closure. Anyway that's what the plan is so far. I really love the pocket on Rogue so I'm thinking about a pocket, too.

So I've got my knitting set for the New Year!

As for the store, I may shut down for a while. I learned the hard way one must get the money up front for the special requests, sigh, and I'd rather be knitting:)

Here's to a great 2010!


Opal said...

lovely yarn!

i'm sorry to hear about the misadventure with the shop. i think you'll have many disappointed customers if you shut down though.

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I'll take the weeds anytime over the way its icyther here in CT. Today it is an ice storm with 45 MPH wind gusts! My son says his weather machine is logging -14 with the wind chill. Oh, and did I mention its fa-reezing in the house!!!!!
Going to start on your red scarf pattern. Need to be knitting warm these days!

Beverly said...

It's always said to realize you can't trust some of the people you hold special meaning knitters.

I love your yarns and your boys are very wise. I'm still trying to train my family.