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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sorry for the Spam

My yahoo mail account was hacked. I can't really tell who all got spammed as some were blocked by servers. I'm sorry if any of you got the spam from me. Yahoo advised me to scan for spy ware and viruses, and I found none on my system. They also advised me to change all my passwords. Always good advice but I've neglected to do this for some time now. So now it's done.

My niece recently used her debit card online for a donation, and had a couple thousands of dollars charged to her account from some place in another state. This hits very close to home.

My son showed me how to set a master password for my Browser, Firefox. So I'm doing that, too. A wake up call indeed.


k-brow said...

ugh. Bad kine spam. No spam from you, though someone wants me to advertise their gucci bags on The Knitted Brow.

Back from Boston, with nothing to show for it but some extra weight (guinness with the Leonards!) and some pretty rocks from one of the harbor islands.

Walden said...

Sorry to hear that, hope everything get fixed and no one suffered from it.

Zonda said...

So sorry this happened! :(

Beverly said...

No spam here. Sorry you had to go through all that trouble. I work in IT and wish the idiot geniuses would find something productive to do with their time.

I had my credit card number hijacked on line but my company was on it so fast that they didn't get to do anything other than a dollar to test the card.