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Monday, June 07, 2010

Totoro Oatmeal Sugar cookes

In addition to the yarn diet, I'm trying to not buy sugar. This isn't saying much as I had a big stash. I'm out of granulated and brown sugar, but still have powdered sugar and the brown sugar crystals, not to mention the honey, maple syrup and maple sugar.

I found the oatmeal sugar cookie recipe surfing. Adding oatmeal just seemed to be "healthier", lol. It also made it a bit harder to cut out. I think next time I will grind the oatmeal a bit. The great thing about this recipe is that there is no creaming of butter and sugar, or chilling of dough. It was quite easy to roll out. I substituted 1 1/4 cup powdered sugar for the granulated sugar.

I used my handy dandy RM Make Your Own Cookie Cutter Kit to make the Totoro cutters, starting with Jennifer's tutorial on how to create a coloring book style image from a photo.

I like baking but I'm no Martha when it comes to decorating. I still they came out cute with the simplistic chocolate chip eyes and sugar crystal tummies.

Wouldn't you know it. While I was baking these, the docs office called and said I'm due for blood work. I could swear those kind of things were for patients, not for doctors. Do I just bite the bullet and go in tomorrow? Or do I procrastinate some more? In my case it's true, doctors make the worst patients.


Silvia M. said...

Yep, you should just go in and get it over with. And the Totoro cookies are the most adorable cookies ever!

Mary said...

These are so great!

Jennifer said...

Too, too cute!

Zonda said...

Yum..ok, I want one now!! Hope the blood test turns out ok!

YarnKat said...

You are sooooo talented and sooooo hooked on Totoro! My girls grew up on Totoro's movie and if I showed them all the clever things you make and do regarding Totoro I would be in BIG trouble!!!!

Keep up the good work!

weebug said...

those look so yummy!

Judy said...

Hi. Just found the pingback from your link. I LOVE this recipe and what you've done with it. So glad you found it. I would never have found your blog otherwise. oxo