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Monday, February 28, 2011

Madrona FiberArts Winter Retreat

This year's winter retreat earned it's name. Tacoma was wintry indeed and very snowy.

Coming from Hawaii it's always a challenge to know what to bring in the way of crafts and clothes. Lucky me I brought my Beaverslide CPH Vest with the thought of getting into the zipper mini-class. No openings were available but I sewed it in because it was the warmest thing! It was very handy to cover my ears when the wind picked up.

The lovely Hotel Murano was buzzing with like-minded fiber-loving people all spinning, weaving, knitting and sharing their outstanding creations.

I got to meet the weebug and couldn't resist giving her a hug. She was wearing a wonderful hand knit green sweater with the coolest buttons! (I think it was Ginny) Waah! I didn't get a picture.

The Most Illustrious and Mysterious Landcaster has successfully defended his thesis on Server Scheduling and will be granted his MS when the term ends. Congratulations! This momma is proud!

He pointed out to me this trip that my new iPhone (who I named Won Bin after the Korean action star) has more megapixels then my trusty Canon Powershot. As it turns out it is also very convenient to use and I did not use my Powershot at all. Perhaps I will have to get some camera apps now. I'm often trapped in the iTunes Store these days, sigh.

My traveling companion, blogless Sandy set the tone with great advice from her DH. "Don't hold back." I took her advice:)


weebug said...

The time was way too short! The girls are so jealous of my Totoro, but I am so not sharing!

sandy said...

Thumbs up for Landcaster! Give him my Congratulations!!