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Monday, February 07, 2011

Totoro Tuesday, Let's Hear it for the Greys!

18 grey Totoro sitting on the stairs, causing great happiness all around! I didn't think I would ever say this, but maybe I have enough for now. If fact maybe I need to liberate some and observe them in the wild instead of keeping them captive.

I'll keep knitting them. In fact here are 3 more, knit from stash.

They are a happy bunch!

I passed my Advanced Life Support re-certification exam on Sunday. I recall the first time I ever took this class it was really tough and so I always get stressed when this comes aroung. Over the years the algorithms have been simplified and the new guidelines are even simpler still. Still, I'm happy this may be the last time I have to take it. The focus now is on quality CPR with chest compressions taking a front seat to breathing.

I've upgraded my beloved red razr flip phone to an iphone4. There is definitely a learning curve and there was a bit of cursing going on tonight...but tomorrow is another day!

The knitting has stalled as I try to psyche up for my next big project. Since I'm attending Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat I'm thinking socks are a good thing to start. Kim wants to do Amelia but I don't have enough Malabrigo Rios for this, and I'm not sure Madelinetosh Worsted colorway is the right one. I kind of like Thea Coleman's Cranberry Capelet
for the Rios and I love the cable.

I managed a couple tiny sheep.
Pattern: Eco Ewe by Andrea McHugh for Rowan, and Knitted Sheep from Flutterby Patch.

Yarn: The cream yarn is from a little boy sheep on the Big Island. I've never met him. The wool was quite dirty and did not have any lock structure and my overzealous washing partially felted it. I spun what I could on my drop spindle and made a two ply. The rest makes very nice stuffing. The black is some mystery black sock yarn from stash.
Needles: Size 2
Comments. Ewe Sheep is a bit odd looking. Knitted sheep has a "coat" in the pattern, and I covered it with 3 stitch bobbles. I think he'll need eyes.


weebug said...

hope to see you next week at madrona! i'm not at the hotel this year, but i will be around.

kathy b said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sheep

Aim said...

Oooh, I have ACLS recert hanging over my head, too. I let mine lapse for 3 years b/c it is not really required unless I switch up jobs, but this year I decided to recert. Just in case. Ya know. In case I get to move to Hawaii and start my life again :D