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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally Finished

This quilt block languished in stash for more then a decade and it's finally done! It's quite large so the choice now is a big pillow or have it framed. I'll see if sister number two feels it will match her decor as she has a birthday coming up soon.

Mom's portulaca are blooming in the dmz. Hardly anything grows in this area under the eaves. The soil is pretty poor there and sometimes the rain does not get to it.

I have 3 wips on the needles. That's a lot for this serial knitter.

My new whorl arrived from Majacraft. The original was a bit warped and although it did not affect the function it was quite noticeable so I got a new one. Hopefully Tracy will be able to re-machine the old one and find it another home. The new one is much better:)


sandy said...

The quilt block is detailed and intricate! Nice work.

Opal said...

what a gorgeous quilt block! happy days! a new whorl! :D

Beverly said...

Beautiful quilt block. It deserves a place where it can be seen and admired.

Zonda said...

Beautiful quilt block!!! Pretty flowers too, those seem to do well here :)

Daniele said...

Love that block! It will look beautiful displayed on a wall or pillow. Awesome achievement!