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Friday, March 04, 2011

Fun in Seattle

I went on some interesting tours this trip around and learned lots of new things.

Earthhues: I loved this place! There is no name on the building just the address 5129. There were several ladies in the back boiling up dyes on gas burners in the classroom getting ready for a class put on by a lys. The shelves were full of of yarns all dyed with natural dyes in a multitude of shades of wonderful colors. The owner, Michele Wipplinger was in, graciously shared her story and showed us her treasures, collected over her life of learning, giving, world travels and creating. It was truly fascinating!

Theo Chocolate Factory: One of the few makers vs melter's of chocolate. They are the first "green", fair trade and organic chocolate producers in America. Click to read more.

Their name comes from the scientific name of chocolate, Theobroma Cacao. This place smelled so of the Gods! They were generous with samples!

I made the tour reservations online with my iphone. Sandy's husband may be right. It the future a gadget like the iphone is all one will need, lol. I'm glad I made reservations as there was a wait list when we got there.

The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience:
Wing Luke immigrated from China when he was 6 years old and became the first Asian American to hold elected office in the Pacific Northwest. It is in Seattle's Chinatown. It got me thinking about the experiences of the Hawaiians, Filipinos, in addition to the Chinese and Japanese. Life was not easy.

I got two prints by Mirikitani. If you have not seen the documentary on his life, The Cats of Mirikitani, I recommend it.

The tour included was of the store next door. The building had businesses on the street level and a boarding house upstairs for new immigrants. The store was operating until 2008. It looks like a lot of places in Honolulu Chinatown.

Northwest Flower and Garden Show: I got in on this in the last hour, so admission was free! There were tons of ideas for dream gardens.

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Zonda said...

Looks like it was a fun trip!