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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 11, Tour de Fleece , Granola Muffins

Day 11 of the Tour...I realize now in a fit of fear of failure, that I set my goals pretty low and I quickly saw that I would fall far short of spinning half of my braid of roving. The finished skeins posted on Ravelry where piling up quickly the prizes were being won, and I caught a bit of that spirit of competition. My daily photos paled by comparison, in fact I'm pretty sure I got one of those magical never-ending braids. So I stepped it up and it finally barely touches the floor! I'm so tempted to stop at the half way mark, rewind the one bobbin on two and ply already.

I found a nice video on you tube on how to spin coils, so I may try this.

On an entirely different note...Granola muffins.

Awhile back, I found a Great Granola Recipe on the USA Weekend site. For some reason I occasionally set the oven temp to 250 deg instead of 275 deg and it doesn't dry out enough. If I put the fruit in too soon it burns, so cooking it longer does not usually work. Sooo...I found this equally wonderful Granola Muffin Recipe! I like it because it use two cups of granola. This last batch I forgot to dress it up with a bit of granola before baking, and just to be decadent, added a few chocolate chips. It's to tempt the oatmeal-phobic Landcaster I tell you, and I have to use those chocolate chips in the freezer up.


Silvia M. said...

They look yummy and I love the Totoro plate!

Zonda said...

Don't feel too bad! I haven't spun since Sunday and with my son coming home, will have less time. Off to look at the coil video. Yummy muffins!