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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour De Fleece, Day 22

I managed to finish my singles and ply them. The finished product is now drying. The gauge is much smaller then I planned. I don't know if I will knit this as is or try and cable ply it with some commercial lace weight I have lying around. The BFL/silk is a little lifeless and stiff imo. It was a bit itchy on the hands while spinning, so I don't know if will comfortable next to the skin. I'll wear the hank around the neck to check it out when it's dry. It is a lot more even then some of my previous attempts and more balanced.

For the challenge day, I used some of the same roving to spin thick and thin on Serenity (my Majacraft Rose) and it was indeed a challenge. I think I'll have to re-adjust my whorl as I cannot keep the drive band on at slower speeds. I ended doing the coiling part on my Bosworth. For the plying I used some silk spun on the Bosworth from a silk hankie. I gave up pretty quickly.

I am so in awe of Naomi's wonderful art yarn after my failed attempts!

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