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Friday, August 05, 2011

Andrea the Worsted

Pattern: Andrea's Shawl, by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Madelinetosh Worsted, color Baltic. Powarth Blues, handspun by me, from handyed Polwarth roving by Woolgatherings.
Needles: size 8
Size: small
Mods: one stitch picot bindoff instead of two.

Comments: A rather quick knit. I love the way the striping turns out. My hand spun was a bit unbalanced and had some fluffs in it. The Polwarth is next to skin soft. The Madelinetosh is wonderful and I love the supersaturated colors. The first shawl I knit from this pattern was a little small for me. This one, knit in worsted, is a better fit.

The Polwarth was a gift from Kim who is currently whoopin' my a$$ in Words with Friends. Thanks Kim!

I'm one of those reactionary people who got mad at Netflix when they raised their rates and will cancel. It was a good excuse for me to upgrade my cable to digital and get HBO so I can watch Game of Thrones. I'm reading book 4 of the series and really loving it. Hey, the Knitted Brow turned me on to this series. Thanks again!

I am working two days a week, with a few extra days thrown in this month. It can't hurt to have some income with the scary economy right now and pay for my digital cable with HBO and Showtime pak.


kbrow said...

I just finished plying my own polwarth from Tour de Fleece! No one ever told me how soft this wool spins up. It really surprised me.

Gorgeous shawl. You are still the Knitting Jedi. Glad to see the blue roving going out into the world.

Zonda said...

Beautiful shawl! I really like the subtle striping too. Great that you had enough handspun to use :)

sandy said...

That is just gorgeous! Love the subtle stripping. Note to self: gotta spin Polwarth!

Beverly said...

Pretty shawl. I like the blue on blue colors you chose.